Monday, February 26, 2007


Remembering Stacy

Back in December I lamented the lack of a day of mourning for Stacy Wilson who was beheaded at the Bus Terminal. Two months after her gruesome death the Purple Ribbon Campaign Network with a mandate to stop violence in the wider community through education held a rally at the site of her murder. The rally held today Monday 26th ,February had as its aim offering comfort and healing to those traumatised by the events that unfolded on that horrible December day.

Tears flowed as tributes were paid to the vivacious young lady whose life was cruelly snuffed out. Others shed tears for the break down in law and order that threatens at time to make this island unrecognisable. A stirring address from the feature speaker exhorted us to let peace begin with each one of us individually. It may sound rather simplistic but if more of us would pay a little more attention to that exhortation then violence would see some reduction.

Many times I've wondered if as a people we have lost the ability to care so caught up are we in our own aafairs. The open expressions of grief signalled to me that all is not lost. I can only hope that Stacy's death drives home the necessity of being our brother's keeper. Her blood and the blood of all the fallen ones cry out for nothing less.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ash Wednesday and Love Thursday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I didn't even remember. If I were still in High school I , like all my other classmates would have gone to church for ashes. Growing up , Ash Wednesday which signified the beginning of Lent was a time for giving up worldly pleasures. Of course there were the mid week church services to attend as well. Sometimes, depending on your bargaining skill you were allowed to stay home but such times were rare indeed.

I wonder what I would give up were I to follow the tradition. It should be something that it's hard to give up so I would think of the television or the Internet. Only problem is I won't last an entire day without turning on the television. It just would not happen so I would not even attempt it. Like most traditions of old it is quietly dying judging by the few persons participating. Thankfully, cross buns are still around but who knows if in a few years they would be things of the past. I hope not.

I haven't forgotten about Love Thursday but just haven't gotten around to sorting photographs. Nevertheless, still sending my Love Thursday greetings to y'all

Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Under what circumstances would any of you place your child up for adoption? Am asking this because recently I found myself on the wrong side of a debate. Am well aware that many parents place their children for adoption if they really are unable to provide for them or if other circumstances dictate that they do. I don't have a problem with the principle/s although I don't know if I would be able to make such a decision. If you think about it the decision making could be seen as a tremendous act of love since you are giving the child an opportunity for a better life. Some may argue that life is best with blood relatives and it in an ideal world it would be the case.

Am a bit saddened about a child that was recently placed for adoption. Let's just say the reason is so poor that it almost seems callous. I wish I could give more details but I'll err on the side of caution and simply say there are times when family can be the enemy.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


A little Housekeeping note

Just reporting there is a death in my family. My uncle in Jamaica passed away last night and right now am still in shock. Anyway, am thankful I got to see him last Aug but who knew that in seven months time he would be gone. Life is such a fragile thing as am learning more and more these days. In times like these you realise the wisdom of living the best that you could. I'll check in later in the week so until then.

PS. I noticed Blogger forced me to switch and I don't think I like it very much.I may just have to finally switch to word Press or something else.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


One family

During the last St Lucian elections Prime Ministers Gonsalves and Skerrit appeared on the SLP platform to offer their support to Kenny Anthony. PM Gonsalves referred to John Compton as yesterday's man only to see him become today's man. Back then some wondered if relations between both leaders would be strained.

Tonight,I heard a news item where our Prime Minister reported that relations between himself and Sir John Compton were cordial during the current Heads of Govermnent Meeting taking place in Kingstown. From my understanding he was basically saying they are mature leaders who take seriously their committment to the region and their respective nations. I hope they both mean it and it's just not some fancy soundbite since we never really know with our politicians.

Hopefully, Caribbean leaders would desist from attempting to influence the vote in neighbouring islands. Frankly speaking it's none of their business and of such should stay out. Am still disgusted with the tasteless statement Kenny Anthony made in reference to our Opposition Leader(and I don't even like his politics) during our 2005 elections. I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with aligning oneself with a party that is closer to your ideolgies since if said party wins the working relations would/should be easier. However, invading your neighbours territory and spouting silly rhetoric is just plain wrong.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Crazy Love

By now we have all heard of the Astronut and her mad charge to Florida. Am still laughing at the wearing of adult diapers to avoid bathroom breaks. I mean who hasn't thought of sleeping in adult diapers to solve the annoyance of getting up to urinate. Ok, so am the only one who was crazy enough to have that thought but I bet you are wondering why you never had the idea..right?

Anyway,there was an incident here last week that made me smile even though it was tragic. A young woman who believed or knew that her boyfriend was cheating swore she was going to the Grenadines to kill him. Armed with her knife she supposedly took a speedboat to the Grenadine island of Union Island and declared her intentions to anyone who would listen. Sometime later the knife wielding woman broke into the house occupied by the man and a struggle took place. Would you believe that the woman was the one who ended up dead after being strangled by the man who promptly fainted when he realised she was dead. This must be irony or poetic justice at its best.

It's obvious the thing called love can really make fools out of the best of us. Some of us would think an astronaut would be able to be more reasoned than the average Jane on the streets. Controlling those emotions seem to be a hard task for any woman regardless of where she is in life. I hope I get spared from that kinda love-as the recipient and as the donor. Just too much trouble and totally not worth it in the long run. Happy Valentine's Day to y'all and don't let me hear any one doing jail time.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Enough arready

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRemember when Natalee Holloway's story dominated the airwaves? Back then I wished for some other news to knock it off the headlines. Along came an angry girl named Katrina eager to oblige with her gale force winds to take the limelight. Right now the over kill surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith has me longing for some real news so we can all have a respite. If only those people over in Iraq could have waited a little while longer to hang Saddam eh.

I keep wondering why Anna Nicole was such a celebrity. Sure, she stripped, posed for Playboy and married a billionaire sixty three years her senior. And because of that the woman had a fame that rivalled some of the biggest entertainers around. Kinda takes my mind back to Princess Diana making the Millenium list of the most influential persons. To this day am still not sure what Diana's legacy is in pretty much the same way I don't get Anna's fame..Ahh well

Gotta love the amount of fathers creeping out the woodwork too. Well,one is tight lipped but word is, due to the power of frozen sperm the dad is none other than the late billionaire. Who knew he even could generate sperm! I'm betting a few more will stake their claim very very soon. Poor little baby girl. Hopefully, she gets to grow up in a home where there are people looking out for her best interest. Finally, from what I've heard over the past few days it seemed Anna's story was quite tragic. She sure got the fame she craved but ended up paying quite a heavy price.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Love is

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Walking your daughter down the aisle. Happy Love Thursday

Monday, February 05, 2007


Anthem error

What an embarrasing situation that took place in Grenada over the weekend. In case you have not heard the Taiwanese and not the Chinese anthem was played at the handing over of the stadium(built by the Chinese Govt) to the people of Grenada. When I first heard of it I saw the funny side and smiled at the thought of the bewilderment the Chinese present would have felt. Did they continue to stand at attention or did they drop their jaws in amazement were some thoughts racing through my head.

After the momentary chuckle the seriousness of the situation took over. It's the responsibility of leaders to present their countries in as good a light as possible and goof ups like these do not help the cause. So, how did this happen? I would think the Foreign Affairs Office or the Office of the Prime Minister would be instrumental in obtaining the correct anthem. Somewhere,along the line some one was very lax. Earlier tonight I heard the blame being attributed to the Leader of the Police Band so am wondering if obtaining the anthem was left in their hands.

It's not my intention to heap coals on Grenadian heads but I hope steps would be taken to ensure nothing like this happens again. And as if there wasn't enough egg on faces the Grenadian Govt is being sued by the Bank Of Taiwan for it's failure to pay back loans granted in the 80's and 90's. Am tempted to say it couldn't happen to a more deserving Prime Minister and then I remember it's the average Grenadian who would have to deal with the fall-out.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


National Security?

Of late the airwaves have been innundated with the early release from jail of a convicted drug dealer. From all reports the release sanctioned by the Mercy Committee took place in November last year. However,it was brought to the Nation's attention in December when a local newspaper made it public and the Opposition predictably pounced on it.

In all honesty I was not interested beyond a curiousity as to who the person was. Having served 8 months of a 22 mth sentence it didn't even strike me as a big deal. The name was subsequently released, my curiousity was satisfied and I even realised I knew the person. Since the issue has become a talking point I feel compelled to give my two cents. The release of prisoners is nothing new and am sure will continue to happen. However,what I find confusing is the Prime Minister's statement that the prisoner was released because it was a matter of national security. To me that statement has triggered off a whole set of questions.

Are we safer now that he is out of jail?

Was it a deal brokered that would see other drug dealers convicted?

Did he know of a plot to overthrow the Government or kill high ranking officials?

Even stranger is I see the man in question walking the streets openly. I would have thought that he would have left the country or be given some protection assuming my theories are even close to the mark. I think the PM meant well when he sought to clear the air on the release but I fear he has opened up a lot of speculations. Already people are using the argument that as a criminal lawyer he defended drug men and attempting to make a connection. Maybe,he would need to come back to the populace and give some more details seeing that he as PM has always prided himself as being harsh on crime.

Until then we speculate wildly.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Love is

Am not posting any pictures today instead am seeking your definition of what love is. Many of us struggle to define it but know when we experience it. Let's have some definitions and whatever you come up with keep on doing it.

Happy Love Thursday

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