Saturday, February 03, 2007


National Security?

Of late the airwaves have been innundated with the early release from jail of a convicted drug dealer. From all reports the release sanctioned by the Mercy Committee took place in November last year. However,it was brought to the Nation's attention in December when a local newspaper made it public and the Opposition predictably pounced on it.

In all honesty I was not interested beyond a curiousity as to who the person was. Having served 8 months of a 22 mth sentence it didn't even strike me as a big deal. The name was subsequently released, my curiousity was satisfied and I even realised I knew the person. Since the issue has become a talking point I feel compelled to give my two cents. The release of prisoners is nothing new and am sure will continue to happen. However,what I find confusing is the Prime Minister's statement that the prisoner was released because it was a matter of national security. To me that statement has triggered off a whole set of questions.

Are we safer now that he is out of jail?

Was it a deal brokered that would see other drug dealers convicted?

Did he know of a plot to overthrow the Government or kill high ranking officials?

Even stranger is I see the man in question walking the streets openly. I would have thought that he would have left the country or be given some protection assuming my theories are even close to the mark. I think the PM meant well when he sought to clear the air on the release but I fear he has opened up a lot of speculations. Already people are using the argument that as a criminal lawyer he defended drug men and attempting to make a connection. Maybe,he would need to come back to the populace and give some more details seeing that he as PM has always prided himself as being harsh on crime.

Until then we speculate wildly.

Maybe the PM was spouting BS (as they are known to do), and hoped to placate and confuse the masses bold and aggressive words of nothingness.
Now we hear that the fellow who was released contributed $500,000.00 to the ULP Election Campaign last time round. WHAT DE !@#$^!
lawd..more rumours...expected to hear that one thrown out
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