Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Crazy Love

By now we have all heard of the Astronut and her mad charge to Florida. Am still laughing at the wearing of adult diapers to avoid bathroom breaks. I mean who hasn't thought of sleeping in adult diapers to solve the annoyance of getting up to urinate. Ok, so am the only one who was crazy enough to have that thought but I bet you are wondering why you never had the idea..right?

Anyway,there was an incident here last week that made me smile even though it was tragic. A young woman who believed or knew that her boyfriend was cheating swore she was going to the Grenadines to kill him. Armed with her knife she supposedly took a speedboat to the Grenadine island of Union Island and declared her intentions to anyone who would listen. Sometime later the knife wielding woman broke into the house occupied by the man and a struggle took place. Would you believe that the woman was the one who ended up dead after being strangled by the man who promptly fainted when he realised she was dead. This must be irony or poetic justice at its best.

It's obvious the thing called love can really make fools out of the best of us. Some of us would think an astronaut would be able to be more reasoned than the average Jane on the streets. Controlling those emotions seem to be a hard task for any woman regardless of where she is in life. I hope I get spared from that kinda love-as the recipient and as the donor. Just too much trouble and totally not worth it in the long run. Happy Valentine's Day to y'all and don't let me hear any one doing jail time.

Happy V Day to you. I get the crazy love, but, eventually when your driving after about 20 hours, and your in your diaper...don't u at some point wonder, what the hell am i doing??
Crazy love indeed. It makes fools of us all. Ha, diaper.
the moon musse full cause all the idiots coming out
NO .. I can safely say I've never thought of the diaper thing. DWL
Hope your V day was good.

Mine was spent hard...at work! ;-)
...I have never considered the diaper option either.

I want to know what kinda vehicle she was driving, cuz it obviously gives her awesome gas mileage if she nevah had to stop to refuel. She also mussa use to the diaper concept from the NASA spacesuit, wettng her pants when they blast into orbit and all...
Afro,now that's a thought or two

Had a cool V Day..ate too much choc...never thought I'd say that
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