Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ash Wednesday and Love Thursday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I didn't even remember. If I were still in High school I , like all my other classmates would have gone to church for ashes. Growing up , Ash Wednesday which signified the beginning of Lent was a time for giving up worldly pleasures. Of course there were the mid week church services to attend as well. Sometimes, depending on your bargaining skill you were allowed to stay home but such times were rare indeed.

I wonder what I would give up were I to follow the tradition. It should be something that it's hard to give up so I would think of the television or the Internet. Only problem is I won't last an entire day without turning on the television. It just would not happen so I would not even attempt it. Like most traditions of old it is quietly dying judging by the few persons participating. Thankfully, cross buns are still around but who knows if in a few years they would be things of the past. I hope not.

I haven't forgotten about Love Thursday but just haven't gotten around to sorting photographs. Nevertheless, still sending my Love Thursday greetings to y'all

I gave up nothing this year. I normally do. I never went to or saw the ashes thing at church.
This is the first time in a couple of years that I went to Ash Wednesday service. I actually looked forward to lent this year. I kept it more on the simple tip. I gave up soda and made a vow to be better to body over the next 40 days. I've been detoxing, excercising and being healthier.
I'm not religious (i.e. I don't get ashes, etc.) but I usually give up something each year. I must say each year I've given something up, it's always improved my life drastically.

This year, I gave up frequenting a message board that I visit daily. I've noticed a vast improvement in my productivity.

I too have noticed that there's been a lot less people giving up stuff this year as well. Too bad, because I'm a firm believer that sacrifice breeds appreciation.
I went to a two and half hour mass this ash wednessday, it was sort of like God's way at getting back at me for not being as diligent year round.

I gave up fries last was unbelievably hard.
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