Saturday, February 10, 2007


Enough arready

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRemember when Natalee Holloway's story dominated the airwaves? Back then I wished for some other news to knock it off the headlines. Along came an angry girl named Katrina eager to oblige with her gale force winds to take the limelight. Right now the over kill surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith has me longing for some real news so we can all have a respite. If only those people over in Iraq could have waited a little while longer to hang Saddam eh.

I keep wondering why Anna Nicole was such a celebrity. Sure, she stripped, posed for Playboy and married a billionaire sixty three years her senior. And because of that the woman had a fame that rivalled some of the biggest entertainers around. Kinda takes my mind back to Princess Diana making the Millenium list of the most influential persons. To this day am still not sure what Diana's legacy is in pretty much the same way I don't get Anna's fame..Ahh well

Gotta love the amount of fathers creeping out the woodwork too. Well,one is tight lipped but word is, due to the power of frozen sperm the dad is none other than the late billionaire. Who knew he even could generate sperm! I'm betting a few more will stake their claim very very soon. Poor little baby girl. Hopefully, she gets to grow up in a home where there are people looking out for her best interest. Finally, from what I've heard over the past few days it seemed Anna's story was quite tragic. She sure got the fame she craved but ended up paying quite a heavy price.

Dunno which is worse - Anna Nicole or the Astronut. Anna story trumps the Astronut. Lawd. American media.
paris hilton famous too and you wonder why. media just takes random people and make them famous it seems
That's a new twist, didn't hear of the frozen sperm theory...It would be so ironic, if DNA does prove the old man to be the daddy.

Oh yea, suprise you ein see much blogs about the Astronut.
Anna was really living it up boy.One the daddies say about 20 to 30 people could be the daddy..Like hell frigging wow
Sigh... So am I the only one wondering what's wrong with all these guys shtuping a drugged out, mentally unbalanced, sexual petri dish?
I'm tired of everyone making Anna seem like some kind of tragic beauty. She was a bimbo that got famous for being outrageous.
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