Monday, December 17, 2012


RIP Innocents

There's an African saying that goes "when an old person dies, a library is lost".  This is in reference to their years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Consequently, when a child dies the future dies. Gone is the promise of what that child could have been had life not been interrupted. In a story that is becoming all too familiar in America yet another gunman  opened fire on the defenseless. Maybe it is time for the lawmakers to take a long and hard look at the gun laws.

Much has been said and written about the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 children and 6 adults died. As a teacher of similar aged children the tragedy left an even hollower feeling in my stomach. That could have been my school, my classroom, my children had some sicko been evil enough to execute same. Teaching used to be a safe profession but events at home and abroad are making it seem very dangerous. My heart goes out to the parents who drop their children off in the morning and hope to hear their stories at the end of the day. Instead on that fateful day parents had the grisly task of identifying their children's remains. If that is not heartbreaking then I don't know what is!

At the risk of sounding terribly cliched life is too short to spend it holding grudges. Spare a thought for the broken hearted parents for whom this Christmas season will be filled with grief as they see their children's empty rooms and miss the wonder in their eyes on Christmas morning. Hug your children a little longer today, tell them you love them, mend a broken fence because in a flash it can all be taken away. RIP precious ones.

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