Sunday, November 30, 2008


Tales from The ER

Last Thursday I spent several hours at the Emergency room of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. I wasn't a patient but part of the support team for one badly hurt person. Emergency rooms tell so many stories and because we are all trapped there is no escaping from them.

There was the 23 yr old mother of three kids-the youngest being 6 and already too wise to the ways of the world. The mother related how hard it was to deal with them and how often she just wanted to escape from them. From the unlikeliest source came a voice telling her not to give up and offering words of enlightenement from the email fwd "letter from God"

Quoting parts of the letter,the similarly young mother said her perspective regarding her children was changed as she now realises they are part of a bigger plan. Now,she no longer feels like running from them anymore but is willing to embrace her responsibility. I was a bit surprised a how much she had internalised it-so much so that she practically knew it by heart.

Who knew fwds were not all bad as they are made out to be?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dear Santa

Santa will be dropping by Vincy this Dec 1st bringing a bag of what we hope will be goodies. See, Santa is a master of time management so no mad scramble trying to do everything at the last minute.So, come Monday all ears will be eagerly awaiting Santa's benevolence. Since I have been a relatively good girl my expectations are heightened. If Santa wants to make me smile;here's some little things that I hope are in his sack.

Santa, tell us that gas prices will go down to say $9.00,please? Christmas is coming and we have nine morning activities to attend as well as some Homecoming sites. See, if the prices go down appreciably then we will become much more mobile and be able to do more than just visit Kingstown for the festivities.

Santa, we love to light up our houses and our communities.It's a real big thing now in our land with prizes for best lit house, best lit community and all that. Therefore, am begging for fuel surcharge to go down to 35cts. I am tempted to suggest lower but am not really a greedy girl and I also realise that a lot of demands are being made on you.

I keep hearing through the grapevine that this year's bonus is half our mothly salary. Santa, I am afraid to hope this is true but just thinking of it has me grinning like crazy because you know I done do the Maths.

Santa, you ever notice those Leeward roads? Please say you will have them fixed up for the New Year. Thanks in advance.

And before I forget, please to give the Teachers what they are asking for. As a matter of fact, make all the workers a little happier. Things kinda rough these days,so give us something we can smile about.

Santa, I not too unreasonable,right?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


New national dish

Growing up I was made to believe that roast breadfruit and saltfish was the national dish of St Vincent and the Grenadines. For us,the breadfruit is revered and such a part of our daily life that phrases centered around it has found its way into our jargon. Hence,you would hear Vincies saying "I not cutting down anybody's breadfruit tree or nobody better not try to cut down mine". In reality, we are saying do not mess with our livelihoods.

It appears though that the breadfruit has been replaced as our national dish by Chinese food. If you think am lying, take a walk around Kingstown at lunch time and you will see the number of patrons walking about with their "chinee" food in tow. Not only is it the popular lunchtime meal but the food of choice to take home for those days when you just do not want to cook. As food goes,it is relatively cheap and the boxes are packed to capacity which means it can comfortably feed more than one person.

On the other hand, the cost of breadfruit and saltfish is more costly and not as tightly packed. No wonder then that it is being pushed down the charts. As if it is not bad enough,the poor breadfruit has to contend with KFC and other new entrants all vying for pride of place. It's enough to make the breadfruit suicidal or ballistic, isnt'it?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hotel Liat?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at things because the alternative is just too mind boggling. Would somebody explain to me how two eleven year old boys were able to breach airport security and spend a night aboard an aircraft? From all reports, the aircraft was treated like a hotel with the two boys checking in, having their fill of onboard snacks and then falling into blissful slumber only to be awoken when it was time for the first flight to leave.

I don't want to think about easy it apparently is to encroach a "protected" area. Neither do I want to think about how easy it would have been to sabotage if the intruders were a little older and so inclined. So, I should really just smile and call it boys being boys,except the results if these boys were a bit older and bent on carrying out an act of sabotage would be just too great. So excuse me for not seeing the humor in the situation.

This is publicity the airport could do without given that it recently came under fire for the disappearance of an SVG Aircraft. This time,like then an investigation should be carried out ater which heads should deservedly roll.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Whither our society

A look at two of this weekend's newspapers reveals some grim headlines. The News newspaper reports "Community College student in Internet porn". Searchlight reports "Student Stabbed" in bold letters while a smaller print declares "Schoolboy pants cut by 'fashion police'.

I am not sure what else I can say about internet porn and young ladies. I wish I could get through to them that with sexual freedom(as with any other freedom) comes great responsibility. The world does not need to see you in compromising situations, more to the point your family doesn't need to see it. Think on these things,ladies.

Violence is becoming too pervasive. Student on student violence is becoming too common place for my liking but I can't say it is totally unexpected. Last week, we heard of teachers coming to blows in a school's staff room so the problem is across all strata of society. If two seemingly educated persons lack the discipline to resolve their differences in a civil manner then we are worse than I ever thought.

Students, there is a reason for the uniform. No doubt,you would think they are outdated and of such would challenge the status quo. One little reminder for you is that as you go through life you would meet more and more rules to which you are expected to conform. Now is a good opportunity as any to learn to pick your battles wisely and to develop the discipline which will make you a productive citizen.

Think on these things. While you do not make the rules,you most certainly will perish by them if you do not wise up.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Mt Obama

I know we are all rightly euphoric about Barrack Obama's historic win but renaming a mountain after him is-well taking things a little too far. Nevertheless, that's just what the Govt of Antigua wants to do.

Boggy Peak, as it is currently known, rises more than 1,300ft (396 metres) over the island's southern point and serves as a transmission site for broadcasting and telecommunications. It also is a popular hiking spot.

The prime minister, Baldwin Spencer, announced the plans on Wednesday in a congratulatory letter to Barack Obama.

Antigua's attorney general, Justin Simon, said he would find out if parliament needed to approve the name change. The political analyst Avel Grant said it could draw more tourists to the island.(from the Uk Guardian)

Nowhere in all that did I see the Prime Minister speak of consulting with his constituents on the matter. As usual, it's typical of politicians who are supposed to consult but rarely do. Heaven help us with our leaders.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


My two centenarians

I think that is pretty remarkable that the village where I grew up can now boast of two centenarians. Even more remarkable is they are both lucid and in the case of the female quite active.

Living to be a hundred years means that you are a living treasure and a storeroom of national history. The lucid centenarian can bring to light so many tales of St Vincent of yesteryear which makes me think that in addition to to the visits from the Head of State we ought to record their insights. It would be interesting to hear which era they best enjoyed i.e if they preferred the life with less amenities but with more community.

I would like to boast that the village must have been doing something right to produce two centenarians if only that I may harbor the hope of at least 80 yrs. then, I heard both centenarians speak about hard they worked and the distances they walked and I knew my laziness will be the death of me.

I raise a salute to my centenarians. I can't wish for you long life but instead I'll wish your remaining days be extremely comfortable

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yes we did

"It's been a long time coming but I know a change is gonna come" Sam Cooke,sang these words and truer words have never been spoken.

Martin Luther King died for change as did Medger Evers, Malcolm X and many other unknown soldiers. Rosa Parks refused to stand,John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their clenched fists in Mexico and Barack Obama had the audacity to hope!

After centuries of subjugation and segregation I am unashamedly celebrating the fact that a black man is now the Commander in Chief of the United States of the America. No longer will we hear Bill Clinton spoken of as the first black president or what ever label was attached to him.

Yes siree,colour in the White House and through the front door to boot. Obama to the Wuuuuuuuurl!

Monday, November 03, 2008


All Souls Day

Every Nov 2nd and to a lesser extent Nov 1st,I marvel that the lighting up of graves tradition is still alive and well. I say this because so many of the things I grew up with have died or are on life support. For example, I remember the Lenten season and being encouraged to give up something during that period. From my memory,my granny would not eat meat and she frowned at non sacred music during the period. Christmas was the time of serenaders and moonlight walks and picnics were a feature of my youth groups. All that has changed but lighting up the graves has endured and for that am happy.

Each year, I have made my pilgrimage to light candles for my granny and cousins who have gone on. I find myself having to explain to some family members why I continue,to them it is morbid or just a waste of time and money. I explain to them that it's my labour of love, my way of continued show of appreciation for everything the deceased would have done for me. To me, the candle I light is a sign of lives that once burnt brightly and some part of me likes to think that somehow the departed knows their memory has not faded.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


New Millionaires

Suddenly, there are some new millionaires in the Caribbean courtesy Stanford 2020. Yes, the Stanford Superstars trashed the English team by 10 wkts and in the process became instant millionaires. Billed as cricket's biggest pay day,the Superstars made sure they were the ones laughing or crying (as in Andre Fletcher's case)all the way to the bank.

While, I was not actively following the game/s am still very happy the team won. Shout out to Vincy's own Lyndon James,special congrats to you. Given their performances as the West Indies team, I didn't really give them much of a chance but they sure rose to the occasion. My only wish is that the young men use it wisely. Too often we hear of persons who have made millions becoming destitute all because of poor financial decisions. So fellas, enjoy your windfall but live smart.

Sorry Kevin Pietersen,better luck next time. By then you may really want it especially after seeing the joyful celebrations in Antigua. Let's see if the Superstars will want to play second fiddle then.

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