Monday, November 19, 2012


Of internet scams

When the top cop gets duped by an internet scam you don't know if to laugh or cry. In the month of October pn three separate occasions the  Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force transmitted via Western union the sum of EC$9,439.12 to crooks in Senegal.  It turns out that the Police Force thought they were paying for accommodation, insurance and visas for three officers (including the top cop) to attend a conference in Human Trafficking in Senegal.

Maybe I have the benefit of hindsight but how on earth did the Commissioner fall prey to this? It's  mind boggling that a document purporting to be official but riddled with errors did not send off alarm bells in the heads of senior government officials.  Instead, beginning with the PS National Security the document was shuttled off to the Commissioner's office asking for nominations to attend the Conference in Human Trafficking. It is even more ironic that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)-of which police officers are a part has put out numerous bulletins highlighting the warning signs of scams. The document received by the Police could have been a test piece put out by the FIU but incredibly the Top Cop missed all the signs.

As it is public confidence in the Police Force is tenuous at best.  This was an embarrassment that they and the nation did not need.  You may laugh at or even sympathise with an ordinary member of the public but when the Commissioner shows such an awful lack of judgement your little faith is further eroded. There is  simply no way to sugar coat it, the Commissioner looks very incompetent.  It makes you wonder what else have they been less than diligent about.  Paying back the money is all well and good but by now he should have done the honourable thing and resigned. Oh wait, I forgot these things almost never happen in these parts. Meantime, some people in Senegal having a hearty laugh

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Archaeological land

St Vincent and the Grenadines is fast becoming an archaeological treasure. In 2008 or thereabouts a team of Canadian archaeologists doing excavations around the proposed Argyle Intl Airport site struck gold. Pottery. other artifacts and 22 skeletons widely believed to date back 2000 years were found. Back then the lead archaeologist found that the pottery style were indicative of Saladoid culture, a style associated with the Arawaks while others reflect those produced by the Caribs 1500 years ago.

On October 27th, while the nation celebrated its 33rd year of independence; villagers in Clare Valley delivered to her an unlikely birthday gift. While digging a sewage pit for their church the villagers spotted pieces of pottery and carefully dug and removed them from the earth. By the time the dust had settled, they had unearthed the second largest pottery find ever found in the Caribbean. The pots believed to be over 1600 yrs old are also believed to be from the Saladoid era.

These finds are very exciting since they help us with a better understanding of not only our ancestors but ourselves. We have proof that long before the Europeans came we were a mighty people, proud and secure in the knowledge of who we were and what we represented. Our history is rich and these tangible items continue to prove it. For a young fledgling nation struggling with identity crises we could not have received a better Independence gift.

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