Thursday, February 08, 2007


Love is

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Walking your daughter down the aisle. Happy Love Thursday

Beautiful. =) Happy Love Thursday, indeed.
Hey Kami, Just passing through. All is well I hope.
I realised just how much weddings mean to parents, when one of my good friends got married and her parents gave her away, they were simply beaming with pride....such a great sight.

Happy Thursdays to you too my dear.
Seeing dads walk daughters down the aisle always gets me teary. I remember my own dad giving me away, and I am sure I will be bawling my head off if I should ever be so lucky to see my husband walk my daughter down the aisle someday.
Oh absolutely! Definitely love. Nothing like it.

Happy LT.
whats with this love thurdsay business ya turn hippee or what?
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