Sunday, February 28, 2010


Things brown

Boy, things real brown in St Vincent and the Grenadines and I'm not talking about the economic or political scenes. My once lush, green beautiful mountain sides are beginning to look as if they would be at home in the Sahara desert. Right now I not so comfortable with drinking tap water as the water pressure is so low that I feel I'm drinking the reservoir dregs. Uggggghhhh! And is so the place hot-a kinda heat that makes you want to haul off every piece of clothes and stand up in front the fridge. Since everybody knows Haiti is being punished for its voodoo then we must be getting punished for voting against the referendum. I mean something must explain why rain suddenly hates us,right?

Despite all the warnings we are getting from CWSA there are idiots starting bush fires and annoying the hell outta me when I see fire trucks racing to quell them. So you can imagine how happy I was when I woke up this morning and saw some big fat rain clouds lurking about. Little did I know they had a strange sense of humour cos all now not one drop of rain fall on the earth. So I am figuring it's time to learn some rain dances because things beginning to look very grim and desperate times call for desperate measures.

So while I'm learning the steps to the rain dance I hope Rain is getting homesick and is packing her bags(as I type) to head home to SVG. We promise not to whine when we think you showed up at an inconvenient time and wet we new hairdo.You've made your point so come home now.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Dear Blog

Hey Blog

It's been some time since I paid you and your friends a visit. Remember the days when I used to visit you and your friends practically everyday to chat or just say hello? Yeah, those were the good old days and back then there were so many people in the neighbourhood but plenty of them like they pack up and move out. Despite that I still used to make it my business to come by and make sure everything was going good with you. Today it hit me that I haven't been around here in more than 2 weeks. I bet you feel deserted and all that but you were always in my thoughts if that makes you feel any better. Yes, I know I owe you a better explanation but hear me out even if it's something which not make you happy since we've been together for about 5 years..

I wish I had some fancy words to use like lack of motivation, writers block or all them other fancy thing people say when thoughts dry up. However, it hard to lie to you especially when I know that you know I always have an opinion on something.

The truth is the thing called Farmville has got me all wrapped up. I never had any intention of falling to it but the mistake I made was to start helping a friend. Now it's like if I am the owner and not an apprentice as the owner has reached the point of making guest appearances. As if that is not bad enough another thing called Twitter where I can only use 140 words max per post has intruded on our time. Some people may say you got horned but it's not like that all at all.The truth is I just becoming very lazy and those distractions that need little formulating of thoughts are capitalising.

Anyway, I promise to make it up to you and not continue to forsake you and your friends for the new. I hope y'all can forgive me.

Much love

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Justice served

"I have no other recourse than to fine each of the defendants guilty of assaulting Jemark Jackson" Those were the words of Senior Magistrate Donald Browne as he ruled on the fate of the three police officers who were charged with assaulting Jackson on November 18th 2008 at the Criminal Investigations Department. (excerpt from the Searchlight newspaper of Feb 5 2010).

I couldn't be happier that these police officers were found guilty of the heinous assault on the then 15 year old Jackson. An assault that landed the youngster in the ICU for seven days in a comatose state. Not surprisingly the officers claimed innocence suggesting instead that the youngster had fallen down the stairs. Despite all the publicity around this case I never expected the officers to be found guilty simply because it has become commonplace to hear about police excesses but then it goes back to business as usual. I have no doubt that some officers feel they are above the law a feeling borne out by the disrespect shown to the Director of Public Prosecutions. So for me this is a landmark ruling that should serve to remind all officers that they are not above the law and that they are duty bound to respect the rights of all citizens.

Some people have suggested that rather than the $1500 fine charged they should be jailed. In a different world and if the charge was attempted murder they probably would have been. According to the Commissioner of Police the officers have intentions of appealing which I hope they lose so that they could get their marching orders.As far as I am concerned they have proven they are not fit to serve and citizens need to be protected from them.

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