Monday, February 05, 2007


Anthem error

What an embarrasing situation that took place in Grenada over the weekend. In case you have not heard the Taiwanese and not the Chinese anthem was played at the handing over of the stadium(built by the Chinese Govt) to the people of Grenada. When I first heard of it I saw the funny side and smiled at the thought of the bewilderment the Chinese present would have felt. Did they continue to stand at attention or did they drop their jaws in amazement were some thoughts racing through my head.

After the momentary chuckle the seriousness of the situation took over. It's the responsibility of leaders to present their countries in as good a light as possible and goof ups like these do not help the cause. So, how did this happen? I would think the Foreign Affairs Office or the Office of the Prime Minister would be instrumental in obtaining the correct anthem. Somewhere,along the line some one was very lax. Earlier tonight I heard the blame being attributed to the Leader of the Police Band so am wondering if obtaining the anthem was left in their hands.

It's not my intention to heap coals on Grenadian heads but I hope steps would be taken to ensure nothing like this happens again. And as if there wasn't enough egg on faces the Grenadian Govt is being sued by the Bank Of Taiwan for it's failure to pay back loans granted in the 80's and 90's. Am tempted to say it couldn't happen to a more deserving Prime Minister and then I remember it's the average Grenadian who would have to deal with the fall-out.

if i remember correctly taiwan also goes by something like the republic of china. i think it may be their official name so maybe whoever was looking for the anthem just saw the word china and didnt know any better
Pshh! All them damn anthems sound the same to me anyway...
That is so bad....
lorda mercy Kami, say dat din happen. Dat is some seriousness between dem two nations. Ah wonder what the reprecussions of this mistake will be? Wow...
Allyuh stop making excuses for dem government people and dem. Dat is what we have a Ministry of Foreign Affairs for! steups Kami, we prime minister appears on a public service advertisement on TV (anti-violence or something like that) and at the end he says "What goes around, comes around". Don't worry; he go get what he have to get. Soon.
At least the government rep nevah mek a speech and tel them seh all Asians look alike. Lawd. What a travesty.
Or said China is China:)
Taiwan = Republic of China on Taiwan

China = People's Republic of China.

I heard that somebody from Foreign Affairs call he and say they have the anthem and he say he have it already.

So Foreign Affairs should check to make sure is the same thing.

Also, what I don't understand is this. When Taiwan used to be our sponsor, wouldn't we have played their anthem before? And if that is the case, I am assuming that Band Leader woulda know if is the same one him used to play that they was practising.

He's a smart fella, so I am assuming he was playing a different one from when we wuz Taiwan's friend.

Which leads me to the big question.....which anthem did he really play?
What a bitch up! I heard on the news too that China appears to be vexed bigtime!
I can hear the expletives being cussed (unda breath) when those in protocol realized the error!
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