Monday, February 26, 2007


Remembering Stacy

Back in December I lamented the lack of a day of mourning for Stacy Wilson who was beheaded at the Bus Terminal. Two months after her gruesome death the Purple Ribbon Campaign Network with a mandate to stop violence in the wider community through education held a rally at the site of her murder. The rally held today Monday 26th ,February had as its aim offering comfort and healing to those traumatised by the events that unfolded on that horrible December day.

Tears flowed as tributes were paid to the vivacious young lady whose life was cruelly snuffed out. Others shed tears for the break down in law and order that threatens at time to make this island unrecognisable. A stirring address from the feature speaker exhorted us to let peace begin with each one of us individually. It may sound rather simplistic but if more of us would pay a little more attention to that exhortation then violence would see some reduction.

Many times I've wondered if as a people we have lost the ability to care so caught up are we in our own aafairs. The open expressions of grief signalled to me that all is not lost. I can only hope that Stacy's death drives home the necessity of being our brother's keeper. Her blood and the blood of all the fallen ones cry out for nothing less.

actually up to last week someone sent me those photos again as if it was new.

it was apretty shocking crime when you think about it. really makes you question your safety
I remember the post that you did about the young lady. Happy to har that some effort is made to bring something positive from her murder. Can only hope that there is some semblance of hope onthe horizon, and not just political rhetoric.
I had to tell persons to stop sending me those pics.That murder still affects me....geeez
Yeah, I was sent the pics too... really gruesome. I really couldn't look at them for any length of time. So whats happened to the killer? Jail? Did he kill himself afterwards?
Anyway, good luck on the peace initiative.
It good that they tood the time to remember her and remind others to be their brothers keeper.

It seems like for some reason the story is being revisited, because like some of the others I was recently sent those photos via email. I decided to delete them because I won't want my family member, daughter or sister being sent arount the NET like that.
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