Thursday, June 24, 2010


A whale of a time

Hey Sea Shepherd do you have proof that we are bribe takers? If not is real out of order business that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Viva the vuvuzela

In 2007, the ICC Cricket World Cup came to the Caribbean. For a cricket loving nation hosting this championship was a remarkable achievement. countries, egged on by the WICB responded to the call to upgrade and in some case build new stadiums to host these games. Despite the home team's cellar status, fans were still excited about seeing the big teams in action whilst holding out hope for their beleaguered team. This was before the ICC rules threatened to wipe the excitement off the faces of the cricket loving public.

No longer were the conch shells, bugles, horns, drums etc which were integral to the Caribbean cricketing experience allowed. Added to that, the picnic baskets and the accompanying beverages were a no no. CWC 2007 turned out to be a sterile affair lacking the flair and verve that characterises the West indian experience. Not surprisingly fans stayed away. Realising the folly of their ways The ICC T20 World cup hosted had no such restriction and the fans were encouraged to "bring it". The "it"" being the horns, bugles,drums and conch shells that made the cricket grounds come alive.

Fast forward to 2010, South africa and by definition the African continent is hosting football's world cup. It is the first time the football world cup has gone to that part of the world and excitement is fever pitch. Most if not all of us have seen the exuberant Africans decked in their country's colour proudly declaring allegiance. Football fans the world over have their unique tradition that is associated with the game. The Brazilians beat their samba drums, the Mexicans introduced us to the "wave", the English chant non stop at their games and the South africans blow vuvuzelas. However, these vuvuzelas have come under fire from footballers, media and fans for what they term its annoying buzz. The exclusion of vuvuzelas from stadiums was gathering such momentum that FIFA was forced to make intervene. President Joseph Blatter in his ruling had this to say "it is african culture, we are in Africa and we have to allow them to practice their culture as much as they want to. Vuvuzelas, drums and singing are part of African celebrations, it is a part of their celebrations,part of their culture, so let them blow it".

Those are sentiments I totally endorse and I only wish the ICC had the sense to relax the repressive regulations they imposed on CWC 2007. Whilst it was not a West Indian world cup and it is not an African World Cup, there are certain aspects that should not be dictated by outside powers. Kudos to Sep Blatter

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Fast Food Central

Almost overnight a proliferation of fast food outlets have sprung up in St Vincent. With the arrival of Mario's, Church's chicken and Subway lurking in the wings the landscape as we know it has undergone huge changes.Prior to these chicken was king as KFC ruled supreme until Bickles specialising in Jamaican patties threatened their stronghold. The throngs of people jostling each other to partake in the promotional samples offered by Mario's and Church's tell its own story.

Some people are already lauding the appearance of these fast food outlets as progress even as longingly list wish for others. I myself am partial to Dunkin's Donuts which so far has not made any one's list. This progress though will demand a heavy price if the lines at these establishments are anything to go by. I remain amazed at the number of school children who buy their breakfasts daily at fast food places. It's almost as if the styrofoam cup and the white paper bag are now a part of the school uniform. Despite the cries of poverty the breakfast and lunch clubs membership is not dwindling at all. The sight of people buying fast food on a Sunday caused a friend to declare that pots and pans will soon be artifacts in the home.

While it may sound drastic in reality we are probably closer to abolishing home cooked meals than we really think. I often wonder if the shifting gender roles where women are more and more the primary breadwinners are too tired to prepare meals so it becomes easier to sacrifice better nutrition on the altar of fast food. These days too grandmothers are younger and younger so you can hardly rely on granny to fill a breach. Something to ponder on. Meantime, as our nation gorges itself on fast food and channel surf to our leisure we get fatter and fatter placing more burden on the shaky health system. What a price to pay for progress.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Soon come

Recovering from a fairly serious illness so most times the will was just not there to focus on anything that needed a little thought. Actually, there are a couple unfinished posts in my inbox which are probably not even relevant anymore. Nevertheless, I am beginning to feel more like myself so I should be back to posting sooner than later.

See y'all soon

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