Thursday, February 15, 2007


One family

During the last St Lucian elections Prime Ministers Gonsalves and Skerrit appeared on the SLP platform to offer their support to Kenny Anthony. PM Gonsalves referred to John Compton as yesterday's man only to see him become today's man. Back then some wondered if relations between both leaders would be strained.

Tonight,I heard a news item where our Prime Minister reported that relations between himself and Sir John Compton were cordial during the current Heads of Govermnent Meeting taking place in Kingstown. From my understanding he was basically saying they are mature leaders who take seriously their committment to the region and their respective nations. I hope they both mean it and it's just not some fancy soundbite since we never really know with our politicians.

Hopefully, Caribbean leaders would desist from attempting to influence the vote in neighbouring islands. Frankly speaking it's none of their business and of such should stay out. Am still disgusted with the tasteless statement Kenny Anthony made in reference to our Opposition Leader(and I don't even like his politics) during our 2005 elections. I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with aligning oneself with a party that is closer to your ideolgies since if said party wins the working relations would/should be easier. However, invading your neighbours territory and spouting silly rhetoric is just plain wrong.

Girl, one thing I learn tuh do is doan mix up in politics or pay de pokiticians too much mind, especially de Caribbean ones, dat does switch sides faster than a down low brother.
Yes I am with you on that; Our leaders need to rise above the polarization of left vs right. our economies are too small and fragile for that foolishness. They need to concentrate on Caribbean unity AND let the outside world see that is what is first and foremost on the minds of West Indian leaders. Yu mess with one island, yu mess with all. yu bless one island, yu bless all.
I believe that this "vote influencing" thing is really rubbish. They should focus on the illusory CSME.
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