Sunday, September 30, 2007


A century of the bra

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Would you believe the bra is 100 years old? Yes,the little piece of fabric that has been uplifting women through the years is getting on in age. As a child I yearned for the day that I would get breasts and finally get to wear a bra. I would jealously look at all the little Junior 5 girls with straps on their backs while I Was stuck with a boring vest. It got even worse when I got to secondary school and the cursed things just wouldn't grow fast enough for me to join the club of bra wearers. Visions of placing a hot potato on my chest to supposedly stimulate growth even danced in my head but that route seemed too painful. So, I bided my time and finally vests were a thing of the past. I had finally joined the grown up girl club-never mind the growth was nothing to write home about. From there on it was a variety of bras to choose from viz, strapless, push up, padded, lacy, seamless etc etc. Only thing is I realised that I really didn't like bras after all and would rather not wear any. Who would have thought I would have gone full circle eh ? Bras, either you love them, hate them or plain old tolerate them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Currently, a steamy ad promoting safe sex is being aired on local television. The ad depicts a young couple intent on lovemaking when one partner has the presence of mind to interrupt the session to demand condom use.

To be honest, when I first saw it I thought "hmmmm, these HIV ads are getting sexier and sexier". However, I didn't think it was inappropriate, in poor taste or should not be shown during prime time viewing. After all, according to the latest statistics put out by the Ministry of Health,there are 900 known cases of persons living with HIV /AIDS in this island of 110k persons. Alarming, isn't it?

I still don't get why some persons I've been chatting with are insisting that the ad is too explicit for children. Never mind that some of the same children watch shows that reveal far more than this ad does. Can you say hypocrisy?

As far as am concerned, fighting the HIV war calls for effective use of all available tools. If the message is best conveyed visually by all means do it. In any event the very children are the ones we need to sell the safe sex message to.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Living well

Alarmed by the rising rates of non communicable diseases in the Caribbean the Heads of Govermnents recently held a summit dedicated to addressing the issue. Among other things the Heads agreed upon increased taxation for alcohol,tobacco and reducing or banning public smoking.

Since then,our Prime Minister has taken the initiative one step further by announcing that there could be taxes imposed on what he terms as unhealthy foods. He also announced that the sale of carbonated or soft drinks may soon be prohibited in schools. Am not so sure how this will pan out especially as business interests will defintely be unhappy. Rather than remove the option I think the emphasis for now should be on moderation since there is no way of preventing parents from packing soft drinks in their children's lunch bags.

The whole eating well issue often misses a most important factor though i.e the relative high costs associated wth this. The cost of fruits in St Vincent-a place blessed with an abundance is ridiculously high. It's not uncommon to pay $4 EC for 3 grafted mangoes,50 cts for one ripe banana etc. Let's not even talk about the cost of vegetables which results in many skipping them altogether or treating them as luxury items.The price of fish is steadily climbing as well so unfortunately persons opt for cheaper less healthy foods. In other words let's have some incentives aimed at lowering prices on healthy foods and actively educate about healthy living. Just don't ask me to put down my kiss cakes and corn chips.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Rising Stars

Finally, the Digicel Rising Stars Bus rolled into Vincyland. After winning the sub regional competition two years running, Vincentians were anxiously waiting to see this year's pick of the crop.

Call me wicked but I swear the auditions are funnier/more entertaining than the real show. No doubt Simon Cowell of American Idol fame is defintely rubbing off on some judges based on the acerbic comments coming from their mouths. I hope they remember that unlike Simon they will met up with the contestants as they go about their daily life. Hopefully, the local contestants have a thick skin and will not become abusive towards the judges in the event their paths cross.

Anyway, overall the Vincy leg was not disappointing. I say so because prior to the show I was not familiar with the singing ability of the ten mamed finalists that made the cut. Depending on the way the votes go I think SVG has a pretty good chance of repeating its success. Speaking of voting I am still shocked that Dannia Phillips didn't make St Lucia's final two. With that am off to vote for Jestlyn Holder.


Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry,Sir James

I grew up with Sir James Mitchell as Prime Minister of my country.He ruled the roost from 1984 to around 2000 when he handed over leadership to Arnhim Eustace. An imposing figure he often gave his views regardless of the controversy that would follow.

Last week,true to form he mentioned that he may consider a return to active politics if asked. Back when Compton came out of retirement I semi jokingly wondered if Mitchell would entertain similar thoughts.Yet, to hear him publicly speak of it caused to me loudly suck my teeth.

Sorry Sir James, but we deserve better than leadership from a 76 year old with no new ideas. I won't say you were a terrible leader but there is no denying that multi million dollar Ottley Hall disaster constitutes a significant part of your legacy. With all due respect your time has come and gone.

Don't come back please. The James Mitchell I saw on television fumbling for words and being prompted is a far cry from the one I knew. Enjoy your retirement,Sir.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Book Launching

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEarlier this evening I was part of the audience that turned up for the launching of Slavery,Law and Society in the British Windward Islands (1763-1823) by the late Dr Bernard Marshall. Hosted by the University of the West Indies in collaboration with the Marshall family the gathering heard addresses from the Resident Tutor Dr Fraser,Oscar Allen who reviewed the book and a brief bio data from a family member. Here in St Vincent,unlike the larger islands there is not a huge amount of printed material put out by our citizens. So, although he spent most of his adult years in his adopted homeland of Jamaica his work was lauded as being critical in the showcasing of Vincentian authors as well as its subject matter.

I have not had an opportunity to go through the book as yet but from tonight's review I learnt that outside of Jamaica the largest Maroon group could be found in Dominica. For some reason I just felt that Maroons were uniquely Jamaican so am wondering if Dominicans are aware of that part of their history. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the launch although it was a bit sad that the author passed away before he could see the fruit of his labours. Nevertheless, he has left his legacy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Death of a Prime Minister

Eugenia Charles, John Compton, Patrick Manning, James Mitchell, Erskine Sandiford et al, all Prime Ministers one had to memorise in preparation for the dreaded Common Entrance examinations.

A look around the landscape would reveal that from those listed only Manning remains as the head of his country. Had Sir John Compton not succumbed to his battle with ill health on Friday last then Manning would have had some company.

Though not unexpected the news of Compton's death was a bit sad. Given the messianic way we view our leaders his death must have thrown the population into a state of confusion. For despite his age he must have commanded enough respect and admiration to have come out of retirement and lead his party to an election victory. I only hope the Cabinet can quickly resolve who would be the next Prime Minister and not throw the island into further confusion.

I guess the debate will long continue as to whether or not coming out of retirement hastened his death. I suppose we will never know. On the other hand dying in service might have been the way he wanted to go. Rest in peace Sir John.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Love is

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A tale of two Prime Ministers

Over in Martinique John Compton,Prime Minister of st Lucia is fighting for his physical life. Recalled from retirement he led his party to a resounding win over Kenny Anthony's SLP. Though aged he appeared to be a spritely octogonerian until ill health literally forced him out of office. In Jamaica,Portia Simpson Miller is reluctantly saying goodbye to the reins of power she has held for the past year or so.

They say the mark of a man or woman is the way they deal with adversity.Sadly, I have to give Portia Simpson Miller a failing grade for her less than gracious comments following yesterday's elections. Am aware that there are some constitutional issues and recounting of votes to be done. However, as still Prime Minister she should have been more guarded in her comments ever mindful of the need to defuse a potentially volatile situation.

Maybe, her concerns had some truth to it but the timing was poor and reeked of ungraciousness in defeat. On another word,I wonder when the Caribbean will see another female Prime Minister.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


One Caribbean

Hello CMC (Caribbean Media Corporation), Cuba is part of the Caribbean too. Remember just recently they along with Haiti competed in the Digicel Cbean Football competition?

So how come a few nights ago the sportscast only made mention of the English speaking athletes who were taking part in the next day's event? This despite the fact that a Cuban was running in the final of the 110 metres hurdles.

Not good CMC, not good at all.

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