Friday, May 11, 2012


Tribute to Bob

No longer with us physically but the music lives on..Always. Forever.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


So many suicides

In less than two weeks the news of three suicides by hanging have stunned the nation. All three were young-the eldest a 36 yr old mother of three and the youngest a mere boy of 16 . The death of the 16 year old, a student at the prestigious Grammar School was as shocking as it was incomprehensible.From all reports,the talented artist who aspired to one day produce his own cartoon strip appeared his usual self on his last day at school. In an ideal world a 16 year old  is too filled with expectation to harbour such dark thoughts. His death was a  sharp reminder that even  for the very young the promise of a rainbow is not enough.

I  feel profound sadness for the lives lost. They were so young, so very young all of them. I don't know what broke their spirits but  sadly at some point death became the best option. So many people are in pain but  have learnt to show the world a smiling mask that covers deep hurts. As a people we have become so self engrossed that we have forgotten how to be our brothers keepers or have never learnt  in the first place. Then we have a society that prefers not to acknowledge mental illness. Depression is not seen for the disease that it is but as something persons could easily snap out of if they only had the will. Or all they have to do is take it to the Lord and everything would be alright. Nothing could be further than the truth. I believe the prevailing attitude towards the disease probably hinders persons from seeking treatment. After all who wants to be called crazy?

If nothing these deaths should force all of us to do some introspection. Have we been good neighbours,  friends, siblings etc? When last did we really listen to someone, offer an encouraging word or met a need?  Are we carrying a burden that threatens to overwhelm us? Then reach out and find that person who can help you see that the rainbow's promise is enough to press on.

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