Friday, May 30, 2008



Sharon Stone's comments on the China earthquake had me smiling. To paraphase,she wondered aloud if the earthquake was not payback for the treatment of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people. My theory is, the Sodom and Gomorrah example has given a lot of legs to these karma type rationalisations.

Every year, when SVG fails to get a direct hit from a hurricance we instantly declare how very blessed we are. If a neighbouring island gets hit,then the cries of our blessedness gets even louder. Implied in all of this is the feeling that somehow we are a better people than them, more deserving of blessed grace and all that goes along with it.

Never mind, that we just as guilty of indulging in the same behaviours. Oh no,we are better than them is the justification. I hope Karma lost the Vincy address because if he or is it she exists then we are not going to get treated too micely at all.

Trinidad,start offering sacrifices to Karma too. You just don't kill the innocents and don't pay. If you don't believe me,ask Sharon Stone.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Size matters

Good things,they say come in small packages. I am not too sure men(and some women too) will agree but I digress.

The thing is I am here knowing exactly how Cinderella step sisters felt when they couldn't fit their feet in the glass slipper. Who knew a size six foot would be so hard to fit in a shoe? All these years of having girls being jealous of the little feet that meant always getting nicer shoes have just evaporated in front of me. A girl just cannot find a shoe in the Vincy stores that she likes and is in her size and frustration,dejection and vexation are currently her best friends.

Right now,am having fond memories of Red Hills Mall and the 4 pairs of shoes I bought in a flash. I think a trip to Jamaica is defintely on the cards since the shoe gods are definitely working against me in Vincy. Failing that,does anybody know how to lengthen feet by at least one more size?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Seeing red

So we are getting an international airport and a big part of me is happy. At this point am not even too worried about whether or not it would be sustainable. Yes, am more thrilled at the prospect of no more long delays at the Barbados airport etc.

Anyway,today there was a motorcade that took the newly received equipment to Argyle for use. I refuse to comment on the motorcade concept but I observed that flags in the colour of the ruling party were being flown on the tractors carrying the equipment.

You know all along I thought the airport project was a project of the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Silly me to even think that Governments understood the difference between parties and governments.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I was at a funeral and smack in the middle of the eulogy a cell phone rang. Not only did it ring but the ring tone was Movado's "gangsta for life". To her credit it was quickly and sheepishly turned off but I got to wonder why it was even on. The thing is cell phones are no longer a novelty as every Tom,Dick and Harry sports one or two as the case may be. With the popular usage one would think that some phone manners would have been learnt but sadly it is not the case. I have heard ministers ask persons to turn off their phones,seen people answering their phones in church at the theatre etc.

As to the ring tones that is a whole nother story. I have been in some public(govt) offices and heard several phones ringing simultaneously with gangsta rap,and some other explicit stuff.I figure the time has come for employers to give some guidelines re usage since some users seem unwilling to tailor their ring tones to suit the environment. Maybe phones should just be put on vibrate while at work and church etc if persons feel they must be accessible 24/7.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Jumping up to the ceiling

I am here listening the Isaac Blackman song and remembering how long it took me to know it was a gospel song. I honestly thought it was just a soca song,one that was catchy and had a "ceiling dance". Imagine my shock when I happened to be watching the Barbados Music Awards and heard them mention "To the ceiling" as a gospel song. I think either Isaac Blackman was performing or he was receiving an award but I know I did a double take. Immediately, I dialled some friends to see if they knew it was a gospel only to find out we were all in the dark.

Now,I love the song and all that and don't necessarily think gospel songs should be drab and dreary. After all, I love me some Kirk Franklin,Yolanda Adams, Grace Thrillers et al but I have always known from the outset that I was listening to gospel. I just think that when the beat is so dominant there is a risk that the message portrayed will get lost.

After I realised it was gospel music I went back and listened the words carefully. Only then, did I realise it was all about God and his love. Somehow, I do not think I should have to listen that intently to know and it's a point I have been arguing for some time now. As is to be expected opinions vary widely with some more heated than others but am still maintaining my position in the face of some rapid gun fire:)

I haven't figured out how to post a youtube video but if/when I do I will add a link.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Termination of service

Got this in my email..Thought I'd share

Dear Outside Woman;

This letter serves to officially inform you that with immediate effect your services as “outside woman” will no longer be needed.

Due to the recent increases in the price of fuel and the continued escalation of the cost of living, it has now become increasingly difficult for me to continue supporting two women (namely you and de wife).

Therefore, following a recent board meeting (namely an ultimatum put forward by the wife), I have now been forced to cut staff.

Since the wife say that she ain't gine no way and has threatened industrial action, after careful deliberation and a meeting with my Financial Manager (de wife) and Human Resource Manager (also de wife), a decision was made to lay you off.

I am sure that you would have realized that over the last couple of weeks I have not been utilizing your services as much and you haven't been seeing me too regular. It ain't so much that I didn’t want to pass and give you a shout, but de gas prices girl, de gas prices, and you know that piece o old car I got from the time I back it out the garage it does want something to drink.

Moreover every time I pass by you, you does always be in some kinda difficulty, when it ain’t your gas bottle that just run out, it is the light bill now come, when it ain’t the gate door want fixing, it is the fella who cut the grass waiting on me to get pay.

And when I tell you that things brown you does got your mouth push up in the air and ignore me the whole night. Plus de wife say that regardless of how high the prices get she ain’t cutting back for a soul (especially you), she gotta look better than you when she step out this house, so every weekend she at the salon getting she hair fix up and getting the fingernails and the toe nails spray paint. When she done I still gotta buy rice (which gone up), chicken (which gone up), flour, fish, lard oil and butter (all which gone up), which don’t leave nothing much for you.

Furthermore, even though you were able to assist me in certain areas in which the wife was deficient, I distinctively remember you informing me when we were finalising your job description, that you will not be washing my clothes nor underwears, you ain’t pressing, you ain’t turning cou-cou, nor tending to lame foots. You said them was duties for my wife and children, plus you say that you ain't want no man sleeping in at you, so by a certain time at night I used to have to brek for home.

Well I brekking for home for good.

I therefore take this opportunity to thank you for all services rendered in the past and do wish you continued success in your future endeavors as an “outside woman”. I am sure an “outside woman” with your experience would be an asset to any hen pecked husband and I would be more than happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation should you require one.

Once again thank you and good luck.


Husband Again

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Samuels banned

From the BBC.

West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has been banned for two years after being found guilty of breaking rules designed to stop players betting on matches.

The International Cricket Council enforced a mandatory ban on the 27-year-old backdated from 9 May.

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) said Samuels had "received money, benefit or other reward which could bring him or the game into disrepute".

Samuels denied giving out any information to a bookmaker.

But the ICC's acting chief executive David Richardson said: "We hope the case serves as a reminder to players and officials to remain vigilant.

"It is never pleasant when a player is banned, but the process in arriving at this point has been an extremely thorough one."

The West Indies committee looked into charges that the Jamaican had passed on team information to a bookmaker during a one-day series in India in January 2007. 606: DEBATE
Give your reaction to Samuels' ban

Samuels was allowed to play in the World Cup while investigations continued.

A second charge that Samuels had "directly or indirectly... engaged in conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game" was dismissed.

The committee had said they would prefer for Samuels not to face a ban, recommending a suspended sentence on account of Samuels' good behaviour.

But the ICC decided to enforce the suspension with Richardson adding, "corruption is a serious matter".

Separately, the player was suspended from bowling in January after independent analysis of his action revealed his off-break and faster deliveries exceeded the 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted under regulations.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


And now

Gas price will now be upwards of 14 ECD or little over 5 USD. Lawd have mercy! Looks as if it will be cheaper to take the bus or get those walking boots. If only I weren't so lazy but maybe necessity will make me the busiest person in Vincyland. Seriously though, I find times are changing a little too fast for me. It seems as if I am getting nostalgic for so many things and am not even that old. Oh well,what's a girl to do?

Monday, May 05, 2008


Just a few notes

I don't have any nude Keisha Knight Pulliam(aka Rudy of the Cosby Show) pictures on my site. You can stop looking now

What's up Jamaica,18 murders on the weekend? Stop it,JA

Two persons shot today in Vincy..Am relieved no deaths..but put down the guns nah

Different is not deficient.Different is just Different..Jeremiah Wright gets it

How sick does one have to be to make their flesh and blood a sex slave? I say make the same cellar Mr Fritzl's jail

Where in the world is Miss Melody?

R Kelly's "I wish" always makes me teary

All Flavor Flav junkies need to read Cali-J's recap

Exams suck..Thankfully,they will soon be over

As if one is not idle enough Facebook has introduced chat

Watch this space for an announcement

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Food crisis?

Our Prime Minister has said there is no food crisis on our shores and that may be so. However, there is no denying that cost of living has increased sharply which means that shopping is becoming quite an art. Everytime you go to a supermarket there is amazement at the bill in relation to the few items on the counter.

Suddenly, my friends who used to be so amazed that I don't go to the hairdresser to have my hair washed are realising they can do it themselves. Yes, rising prices and shrinking disposable incomes are slowly forcing us to re-evaluate the way we do things. LIAT has already ensured that the weekend trips to Barbados, St Lucia etc have been drastically reduced.

We have also agreed in principle to cut down the canned foods we buy. Right now,local juices made from whatever we have planted are the new JU-C( a soda for my non Vincy friends).Generally, we have no choice but to conserve resources especially when you see the electricity bill escalating. Don't ask me to turn off the PC though:). Anyway, I am finally realising what it meant when the elders said a time will come when one will have money and not be able to buy.

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