Thursday, February 01, 2007


Love is

Am not posting any pictures today instead am seeking your definition of what love is. Many of us struggle to define it but know when we experience it. Let's have some definitions and whatever you come up with keep on doing it.

Happy Love Thursday

love is when you put what ever you luv above all selfish needs... but when you say luv it has a wide definition... one can luv there jobs... one can luv there pets... it all boils down to if you luv your life and whatever keeps you happy and positive as long as you are passionate about it then youluv it..... now being inluv is a totally different topic... one i cannot find a definition for... that could be good or it could be bad..... being in luv with some is something you feel and its gonna be hard to put in words....
Love is warmth; compassion; forgiveness; trust; togetherness; comfort; hugs; kisses; passion; smiles...all wrapped into one big ball, or each emotion coming at different intervals, and manifesting inself in different ways.

LOVE IS wonderful!!!!
Love is when somebody vomits on you, and you are more concerned for their welfare than your favorite shirt that you can't remember where you bought and is now completely ruined.
love is a complete waste a time. sorry just had to play devils advocate
unpredictable & unconditional
Do you have me blocked or something because I have to try all 6 times to comment on your site.
Love is spending your life with your soul mate, your bosom friend, the one who completes every thought you begin whether you are together or on opposite sides of the planet
I don't really know what love is. I think it is caring for someone, even more than yourself, enjoying being with the person and being able to tolerate their faults.
With Jdid... love is what you wash out of the bedsheets in the morning...
tut tut
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