Tuesday, September 04, 2007


A tale of two Prime Ministers

Over in Martinique John Compton,Prime Minister of st Lucia is fighting for his physical life. Recalled from retirement he led his party to a resounding win over Kenny Anthony's SLP. Though aged he appeared to be a spritely octogonerian until ill health literally forced him out of office. In Jamaica,Portia Simpson Miller is reluctantly saying goodbye to the reins of power she has held for the past year or so.

They say the mark of a man or woman is the way they deal with adversity.Sadly, I have to give Portia Simpson Miller a failing grade for her less than gracious comments following yesterday's elections. Am aware that there are some constitutional issues and recounting of votes to be done. However, as still Prime Minister she should have been more guarded in her comments ever mindful of the need to defuse a potentially volatile situation.

Maybe, her concerns had some truth to it but the timing was poor and reeked of ungraciousness in defeat. On another word,I wonder when the Caribbean will see another female Prime Minister.

Maybe. Who knows? Portia may have motivated more women to step up to the political plate.
There was some discussion in my neck of the woods that if Sister P can retain the leaderhip role of her party she may have another shot at it in the next five years or so. Not sure if she would get the victory but it was an interesting thought.

Although, with what Portia has accomplished and Hillary having a real shot here, I am sure Leon's comment has a ton of merit.
probably wont be that far off. when owen retire mia will take over in barbados.
A smart choice for Leader of the Opposition would be Lisa Hanna. Dash way all the old heads.
It was unfortunate what she did.Her timing was way off. Unfortunately grace is not one of Portia's strong points.

I'd be surprised if she remained the head of the Party.
Sir Ri, unless you know Lisa Hanna personally and therefore are well aware of her wonderful talents which the rest of us have not yet had an opportunity to know about, I am surprised by your comment above. The woman hasn't done a single thing in politricks yet! The woman is a neophyte!
It must be a joke, thats it! :D
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