Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry,Sir James

I grew up with Sir James Mitchell as Prime Minister of my country.He ruled the roost from 1984 to around 2000 when he handed over leadership to Arnhim Eustace. An imposing figure he often gave his views regardless of the controversy that would follow.

Last week,true to form he mentioned that he may consider a return to active politics if asked. Back when Compton came out of retirement I semi jokingly wondered if Mitchell would entertain similar thoughts.Yet, to hear him publicly speak of it caused to me loudly suck my teeth.

Sorry Sir James, but we deserve better than leadership from a 76 year old with no new ideas. I won't say you were a terrible leader but there is no denying that multi million dollar Ottley Hall disaster constitutes a significant part of your legacy. With all due respect your time has come and gone.

Don't come back please. The James Mitchell I saw on television fumbling for words and being prompted is a far cry from the one I knew. Enjoy your retirement,Sir.

Compton might have initiated a political trend..bring back out de old folks who are endearing tuh de older voters, have a youngblood besides, win de election and then either retire or die, hence de youngblood would get de seat...
I saw new ideas, he had his chance to make a difference. Now let someone else have a chance to make things better.
Hey Abeni, just dropping by to say "Hi!"

It's me Bajanqueen, i'm back on the blog scene and now making the rounds.

I hope things r good with you and will catch ya later.

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Obviously inspired by Sir Compton. But what works for one doesn't work for all. Leave the politics to the younger generations sir.
Some peeps just can't leave with a lil dignity.

I finally have interent, I missed my love thursdays posts....
Old politicians never die, they just become mere minions for their puppet masters...
its very very hard for these old guys to move on. thing is they do get votes cause voters get nostalgic for them.
You write very well.
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