Sunday, September 09, 2007


Death of a Prime Minister

Eugenia Charles, John Compton, Patrick Manning, James Mitchell, Erskine Sandiford et al, all Prime Ministers one had to memorise in preparation for the dreaded Common Entrance examinations.

A look around the landscape would reveal that from those listed only Manning remains as the head of his country. Had Sir John Compton not succumbed to his battle with ill health on Friday last then Manning would have had some company.

Though not unexpected the news of Compton's death was a bit sad. Given the messianic way we view our leaders his death must have thrown the population into a state of confusion. For despite his age he must have commanded enough respect and admiration to have come out of retirement and lead his party to an election victory. I only hope the Cabinet can quickly resolve who would be the next Prime Minister and not throw the island into further confusion.

I guess the debate will long continue as to whether or not coming out of retirement hastened his death. I suppose we will never know. On the other hand dying in service might have been the way he wanted to go. Rest in peace Sir John.

what ever happened to james mitchell?
A good post and a fitting way to end his career..His party probably knew the outcome and strategically planned. He'll receive a proper farewell from his peers is the end of an era. All of these figures are dying out in our lifetime, soon to be remembered as a random passage in Caribbean history...
I guess it's better he died in service, doing what he did best. Still these men and women, great as they were, are not immortal. We just have to move on with our lives, trying not to betray the legacy they left behind.
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