Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Rising Stars

Finally, the Digicel Rising Stars Bus rolled into Vincyland. After winning the sub regional competition two years running, Vincentians were anxiously waiting to see this year's pick of the crop.

Call me wicked but I swear the auditions are funnier/more entertaining than the real show. No doubt Simon Cowell of American Idol fame is defintely rubbing off on some judges based on the acerbic comments coming from their mouths. I hope they remember that unlike Simon they will met up with the contestants as they go about their daily life. Hopefully, the local contestants have a thick skin and will not become abusive towards the judges in the event their paths cross.

Anyway, overall the Vincy leg was not disappointing. I say so because prior to the show I was not familiar with the singing ability of the ten mamed finalists that made the cut. Depending on the way the votes go I think SVG has a pretty good chance of repeating its success. Speaking of voting I am still shocked that Dannia Phillips didn't make St Lucia's final two. With that am off to vote for Jestlyn Holder.


Just like Amerian Idol....I love to watch the auditions more than the actual show.

I think that Simon Cowell has made it easier for people to insult each other all in the name of constructive criticism!

I hope as you say no one takes it too personal and goes after one of the judges or becomes abusive towards them for an unfair word or insult.

Enjoy your show and happy voting!
Rising Stars finals is next week here in Jamaica. Hope you have a good season. And yes the auditions are hilarious!
vincy idol...i love it!
Simon has definately rubbed off on Anthony Miller here in Jamaica. Actually, I think he's worse.
you still aint enter yet?
next year J:)
Before I say anything else, I'll be entering next year for sure. Started to pick my songs and everything.

ON another note, I can't wait for tomorrow night to see if Jodian Pantry or Romain "Ruum Ram King" Virgo will take the crown this year.

I wish I could view all the Rising Stars across the caribbean. It would make for great entertainment. This year, the show featured "Magical Moments" from the auditions which usually is a very hillarious rendition of some popular or not so popular song. funny nuh hell!!
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