Sunday, September 30, 2007


A century of the bra

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Would you believe the bra is 100 years old? Yes,the little piece of fabric that has been uplifting women through the years is getting on in age. As a child I yearned for the day that I would get breasts and finally get to wear a bra. I would jealously look at all the little Junior 5 girls with straps on their backs while I Was stuck with a boring vest. It got even worse when I got to secondary school and the cursed things just wouldn't grow fast enough for me to join the club of bra wearers. Visions of placing a hot potato on my chest to supposedly stimulate growth even danced in my head but that route seemed too painful. So, I bided my time and finally vests were a thing of the past. I had finally joined the grown up girl club-never mind the growth was nothing to write home about. From there on it was a variety of bras to choose from viz, strapless, push up, padded, lacy, seamless etc etc. Only thing is I realised that I really didn't like bras after all and would rather not wear any. Who would have thought I would have gone full circle eh ? Bras, either you love them, hate them or plain old tolerate them.

Totally know what U mean about waitin' for de day when I'd wear one. I'm okay wid dem for de most part -- just no underwire. Proper support is still possible without de underwire -- wonda who invented those by de way?!
The bra is the most diabolical device invented for women. I'm not celebrating this day, I'm mourning it. Breasts should be free!
i aint saying a word :- )
There are some wicked bras around nowadays too, they can make what you got look awesome, even when its not.
I agree with you on that one....I couldn't wait to own a bra!

But now a days I can't wait to get home and take it off so my baby girls can be free!! *smile*
LOL @ leon
The bra was an evil invention. I will say no more on the topic lest I get myself into some serious trouble.
love the that a VS creation?

Yea, usually the first thing to go when I get home is the bra. I do anything to go without one
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