Sunday, September 23, 2007


Living well

Alarmed by the rising rates of non communicable diseases in the Caribbean the Heads of Govermnents recently held a summit dedicated to addressing the issue. Among other things the Heads agreed upon increased taxation for alcohol,tobacco and reducing or banning public smoking.

Since then,our Prime Minister has taken the initiative one step further by announcing that there could be taxes imposed on what he terms as unhealthy foods. He also announced that the sale of carbonated or soft drinks may soon be prohibited in schools. Am not so sure how this will pan out especially as business interests will defintely be unhappy. Rather than remove the option I think the emphasis for now should be on moderation since there is no way of preventing parents from packing soft drinks in their children's lunch bags.

The whole eating well issue often misses a most important factor though i.e the relative high costs associated wth this. The cost of fruits in St Vincent-a place blessed with an abundance is ridiculously high. It's not uncommon to pay $4 EC for 3 grafted mangoes,50 cts for one ripe banana etc. Let's not even talk about the cost of vegetables which results in many skipping them altogether or treating them as luxury items.The price of fish is steadily climbing as well so unfortunately persons opt for cheaper less healthy foods. In other words let's have some incentives aimed at lowering prices on healthy foods and actively educate about healthy living. Just don't ask me to put down my kiss cakes and corn chips.

yep veggies and fruit in barbados are expensive too. i guess is cause gov doesnt subsidize farmers like they do in north america. sad though especially when they pushing healthy living. plant a fruit tree or kitchen garden in ya back yard i guess
High here too and higher since the hurricane. Unfortunately what we perceive as healthier options aren't always so since many of the fruit drinks carry as high or higher sugar content than the sodas that they seek to suppress. Most times I think it's a cost issue. I agree with you, make healthy foods cheaper and people will buy them.
The cost of living is getting out of hand....

Yes everyone is stating that you should eat healthier, but as you said the kind of foods you would have to eat are ridiculously expensive fa real!

I don't understand why produce should be so expensive....especially when they are so good for you!

Here in NY they are just as expensive...we love veggies, and fruits but can't always afford to buy them often or in bulks!
I like this whole health campaign they're going on with, but banning soda goes a bit too far. Why not simply encourage healthy living?
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