Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dear Santa

Santa will be dropping by Vincy this Dec 1st bringing a bag of what we hope will be goodies. See, Santa is a master of time management so no mad scramble trying to do everything at the last minute.So, come Monday all ears will be eagerly awaiting Santa's benevolence. Since I have been a relatively good girl my expectations are heightened. If Santa wants to make me smile;here's some little things that I hope are in his sack.

Santa, tell us that gas prices will go down to say $9.00,please? Christmas is coming and we have nine morning activities to attend as well as some Homecoming sites. See, if the prices go down appreciably then we will become much more mobile and be able to do more than just visit Kingstown for the festivities.

Santa, we love to light up our houses and our communities.It's a real big thing now in our land with prizes for best lit house, best lit community and all that. Therefore, am begging for fuel surcharge to go down to 35cts. I am tempted to suggest lower but am not really a greedy girl and I also realise that a lot of demands are being made on you.

I keep hearing through the grapevine that this year's bonus is half our mothly salary. Santa, I am afraid to hope this is true but just thinking of it has me grinning like crazy because you know I done do the Maths.

Santa, you ever notice those Leeward roads? Please say you will have them fixed up for the New Year. Thanks in advance.

And before I forget, please to give the Teachers what they are asking for. As a matter of fact, make all the workers a little happier. Things kinda rough these days,so give us something we can smile about.

Santa, I not too unreasonable,right?

Nope, you're not being unreasonable at all. Santa owes us big time after the high prices we saw this past year... ouch!

Need you to pusdh this blog please.
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you getting bonus? i aint see bonus ever cha!
Finally someone asking for the right things...
Santa's not a magician babe. A girl can dream tough right?
Hi K, Just passing through. You being really wishful but keep dreaming. As for me...I work with govt. so there is no such thing as bonus.
yes... but have you been a good girl this year???
Bonus, what is that? You are asking for nuff though! lol
We Govt workers get bonuses,so there:)

Will,did you get Reclass money?
Off topic- Ruthibelle left a closing note on her blog you know. About two weeks ago. I miss her bad bad. It was quite a shocker for me.
What were the reasons..miss her nuff too
That is quite a list. Hope you were a good girl this year.

@Jacqui, yeah, I saw her note. I wonder what happened? Miss her too.
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