Saturday, November 08, 2008


My two centenarians

I think that is pretty remarkable that the village where I grew up can now boast of two centenarians. Even more remarkable is they are both lucid and in the case of the female quite active.

Living to be a hundred years means that you are a living treasure and a storeroom of national history. The lucid centenarian can bring to light so many tales of St Vincent of yesteryear which makes me think that in addition to to the visits from the Head of State we ought to record their insights. It would be interesting to hear which era they best enjoyed i.e if they preferred the life with less amenities but with more community.

I would like to boast that the village must have been doing something right to produce two centenarians if only that I may harbor the hope of at least 80 yrs. then, I heard both centenarians speak about hard they worked and the distances they walked and I knew my laziness will be the death of me.

I raise a salute to my centenarians. I can't wish for you long life but instead I'll wish your remaining days be extremely comfortable

oops,thanks...too much cricket on my
I always enjoy talking to old people (title used with all due respect.) They always have stories to tell that are just amazing.

Like I have a 74 year old aunt right now, who has interacted with most all of the movers and shakers of the country, who has seen and heard and smelled the very fopundations of Jamaican history.

I love picking her brain, cause she always has a story to tell, little tidbits of wisdom to give...

Can imagine being 100 (I honour my father and mother, so I'm legit :> Long life is miiine, baby!) and telling my stories... awesome!

Age holds no fear. None at all. Wish more pople knew that.
I would like to boast that the village must have been doing something right to produce two centenarians

I saw a documentary about that village a week or so ago. "Night of the Living Dead".
Imagine the history they lived through. Would hate to hear them ramble on about the good old days.
Wonderful post...
so stop being lazy an follow the old people example
Leon, the 'woe-is-me-for-the-good old-days-gone-and-this-generation-wicked' bit annoys me too... but if it's just talking about 'my days' with a sense of pride and an appreciation for history, then I'm all ears...
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