Friday, November 14, 2008


Whither our society

A look at two of this weekend's newspapers reveals some grim headlines. The News newspaper reports "Community College student in Internet porn". Searchlight reports "Student Stabbed" in bold letters while a smaller print declares "Schoolboy pants cut by 'fashion police'.

I am not sure what else I can say about internet porn and young ladies. I wish I could get through to them that with sexual freedom(as with any other freedom) comes great responsibility. The world does not need to see you in compromising situations, more to the point your family doesn't need to see it. Think on these things,ladies.

Violence is becoming too pervasive. Student on student violence is becoming too common place for my liking but I can't say it is totally unexpected. Last week, we heard of teachers coming to blows in a school's staff room so the problem is across all strata of society. If two seemingly educated persons lack the discipline to resolve their differences in a civil manner then we are worse than I ever thought.

Students, there is a reason for the uniform. No doubt,you would think they are outdated and of such would challenge the status quo. One little reminder for you is that as you go through life you would meet more and more rules to which you are expected to conform. Now is a good opportunity as any to learn to pick your battles wisely and to develop the discipline which will make you a productive citizen.

Think on these things. While you do not make the rules,you most certainly will perish by them if you do not wise up.

i honestly dunno what we're coming to...

i'll say this though - whoever wrote that article about the girl and the porn thing is sick... how does a story like that get to be front page news??? really!!!

it was just a malicious, completely unnecessary attempt to further make the student's life as difficult and shame-filled as possible...

there's a difference between news and gossip... and for a gossip story to make the front page of a newspaper tells you what that newspaper is all about - it is a tabloid, its not about news at all...

yeah... i am more appalled at the newspaper story than i am at the student involved... this society is seriously skewed if people think it's okay to write and publish malicious, harmful rubbish like that... i am further appalled because i suspect the writer of the article to be another college student... so much for solidarity an helping your fellow human through a tough time - we'd rather kick people when they're down and judge them maliciously rather than help them get over a mistake...

ack... i'm just sick of it all...
I am not sure what else I can say about internet porn and young ladies.

Will you ever stop your senseless attacks on my hobbies?
Sorry Darling...I hope your porn ladies are legal:)

Will, I did wonder why it was worthy of front page news but sensationalism sells. It is true she placed herself in the situation but I don't think it was absolutely necessary to spell out the school etc whilst making their point
What is with these girls and homemade porn? You'd think they'd have learned by now. That's what happens to youth whose heads aren't screwed on.
Nothing new, some young kids made one when I was in high school, long ago. I think these children are acting out what they watch on TV, and porn is soooo easy to get these days. Also the ease of recording these activities has increase with better technology.

As for the violence in schools, it's also nothing new, but it is certainly on the increase.
I'm a bit late on this one, but I will say that I really don't get the purpose behind putting those stories on the front page, especially about the college student. It's bad enough that she done let down herself in that manner, it's simply poor taste to make that a front page news article.
Hear Hear,

I liked the line, with great freedom, comes even greater responsiblity.

I do think our generation needs to set better examples.

I remember seeing snoop dog on Larry King, and realising how different he is from the Pimping character he potray's himself to be. So many kids model themselves after these jokers, who have grown up and learned the error of their ways, but instead of teaching it to the younger generation, they keep pretending...
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