Monday, November 17, 2008


Hotel Liat?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at things because the alternative is just too mind boggling. Would somebody explain to me how two eleven year old boys were able to breach airport security and spend a night aboard an aircraft? From all reports, the aircraft was treated like a hotel with the two boys checking in, having their fill of onboard snacks and then falling into blissful slumber only to be awoken when it was time for the first flight to leave.

I don't want to think about easy it apparently is to encroach a "protected" area. Neither do I want to think about how easy it would have been to sabotage if the intruders were a little older and so inclined. So, I should really just smile and call it boys being boys,except the results if these boys were a bit older and bent on carrying out an act of sabotage would be just too great. So excuse me for not seeing the humor in the situation.

This is publicity the airport could do without given that it recently came under fire for the disappearance of an SVG Aircraft. This time,like then an investigation should be carried out ater which heads should deservedly roll.

the security issues here are mind-boggling...

sorry though... but i had to laugh when i first heard about it...
I admit I had to laugh during a convo with my neighbour:) She was making real fun of the situation before sobering up and thinking abt the security issues
How could they get through security to do this? Easy. There is no security. Airport security is nothing but security theater which is used for passengers to perceive that they are being protected when the whole thing is a joke. It's why when a govt agency tests airport security by packing explosive materials and a bottle of water that the water is confiscated and the explosives are let right on through.

The Atlantic published one of many eye opening accounts of what a sham airport security is. The big problem is that security procedures are designed to prevent what HAS happened, and not what could happen. think that we do indeed live in a world where we cannot casually laugh off likkle bwoys' piccdillios, but have to think of how easy others could possibly kill us off had they been so inclined...

Mind boggling.
Offtopic but

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@chris...see there is a god after all.
Hehehehe ... that's funny. Serious, but funny. And they giving me a hassle when I travel!
considering I have my first LIAT flight in a few weeks. This is NOT amusing to me at all.
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