Sunday, November 02, 2008


New Millionaires

Suddenly, there are some new millionaires in the Caribbean courtesy Stanford 2020. Yes, the Stanford Superstars trashed the English team by 10 wkts and in the process became instant millionaires. Billed as cricket's biggest pay day,the Superstars made sure they were the ones laughing or crying (as in Andre Fletcher's case)all the way to the bank.

While, I was not actively following the game/s am still very happy the team won. Shout out to Vincy's own Lyndon James,special congrats to you. Given their performances as the West Indies team, I didn't really give them much of a chance but they sure rose to the occasion. My only wish is that the young men use it wisely. Too often we hear of persons who have made millions becoming destitute all because of poor financial decisions. So fellas, enjoy your windfall but live smart.

Sorry Kevin Pietersen,better luck next time. By then you may really want it especially after seeing the joyful celebrations in Antigua. Let's see if the Superstars will want to play second fiddle then.

Hey girl that was a great match. Glad that the guys won but I wish it was me. If there is a 20/20 women's contest watch how I going to learn how to play cricket:)
you and me girl:)
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