Monday, November 10, 2008


Mt Obama

I know we are all rightly euphoric about Barrack Obama's historic win but renaming a mountain after him is-well taking things a little too far. Nevertheless, that's just what the Govt of Antigua wants to do.

Boggy Peak, as it is currently known, rises more than 1,300ft (396 metres) over the island's southern point and serves as a transmission site for broadcasting and telecommunications. It also is a popular hiking spot.

The prime minister, Baldwin Spencer, announced the plans on Wednesday in a congratulatory letter to Barack Obama.

Antigua's attorney general, Justin Simon, said he would find out if parliament needed to approve the name change. The political analyst Avel Grant said it could draw more tourists to the island.(from the Uk Guardian)

Nowhere in all that did I see the Prime Minister speak of consulting with his constituents on the matter. As usual, it's typical of politicians who are supposed to consult but rarely do. Heaven help us with our leaders.

Obama gets a mountain and George W. Bush gets a sewer. Sounds about right.
utter dotishness.
Looks like a clever maneuver. It's what politicains do.
its a smart move. be the first to do something unique and capitalize on the publicity and maybe the tourism
It's a bit much.
[shakes head] I guess he is thinking about tourism primarily, but I think it is too much of an over-kill to rename the mount.
dey don't have no antiguans they could name it after???

It's a bit much. What if (God forbid)Obama sucks as president. Would they want a monument to failure?
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