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Sharon Stone's comments on the China earthquake had me smiling. To paraphase,she wondered aloud if the earthquake was not payback for the treatment of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people. My theory is, the Sodom and Gomorrah example has given a lot of legs to these karma type rationalisations.

Every year, when SVG fails to get a direct hit from a hurricance we instantly declare how very blessed we are. If a neighbouring island gets hit,then the cries of our blessedness gets even louder. Implied in all of this is the feeling that somehow we are a better people than them, more deserving of blessed grace and all that goes along with it.

Never mind, that we just as guilty of indulging in the same behaviours. Oh no,we are better than them is the justification. I hope Karma lost the Vincy address because if he or is it she exists then we are not going to get treated too micely at all.

Trinidad,start offering sacrifices to Karma too. You just don't kill the innocents and don't pay. If you don't believe me,ask Sharon Stone.

LOL! Let's hope Karma stay away this hurricane season! cause if what you say is true Jamaica going get hit bad, due to how bad we behaving!
I remember last year when a bunch of coal miners were stuck underground after a cave in. One man survived and 7 others were killed. His family was on the news thanking god for the miracle and how they had prayed and their prayers had been answered. Nobody bothered to ask them why they felt god helped them and let the other 7 die.

Stone's comments just go to show what a mental midget she is. The civilians killed by the quake had about as much say in the Chinese Tibet policy as I have say in when the sun should set.
Chris,mebbe the others didn't pray hard enuff:)
We need a prayer meter to check your hypothesis.
It was insensitive for Sharon Stone to make that statement. Innocents died. I think it remarkable that out of seven one survived. I imagined if it was me, having come so close to death, I would have been grateful as well, sad for my colleagues, but grateful to be alive nonetheless.
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