Sunday, May 18, 2008


Jumping up to the ceiling

I am here listening the Isaac Blackman song and remembering how long it took me to know it was a gospel song. I honestly thought it was just a soca song,one that was catchy and had a "ceiling dance". Imagine my shock when I happened to be watching the Barbados Music Awards and heard them mention "To the ceiling" as a gospel song. I think either Isaac Blackman was performing or he was receiving an award but I know I did a double take. Immediately, I dialled some friends to see if they knew it was a gospel only to find out we were all in the dark.

Now,I love the song and all that and don't necessarily think gospel songs should be drab and dreary. After all, I love me some Kirk Franklin,Yolanda Adams, Grace Thrillers et al but I have always known from the outset that I was listening to gospel. I just think that when the beat is so dominant there is a risk that the message portrayed will get lost.

After I realised it was gospel music I went back and listened the words carefully. Only then, did I realise it was all about God and his love. Somehow, I do not think I should have to listen that intently to know and it's a point I have been arguing for some time now. As is to be expected opinions vary widely with some more heated than others but am still maintaining my position in the face of some rapid gun fire:)

I haven't figured out how to post a youtube video but if/when I do I will add a link.

Back in the day Amy Grant had me confused too
hey Girl long time...

I find some of the songs so beautiful and inspirational....there is something in their meleody and words that can just hug you when you need it...
so you was wukkin up to the man song or wha? shame on you!
I never heard any of his music. Sounds like he's good though.
no comment jdiddy
I havn't heard of the song. but will definitely check it out. Som Goseploes are really jamming
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