Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Size matters

Good things,they say come in small packages. I am not too sure men(and some women too) will agree but I digress.

The thing is I am here knowing exactly how Cinderella step sisters felt when they couldn't fit their feet in the glass slipper. Who knew a size six foot would be so hard to fit in a shoe? All these years of having girls being jealous of the little feet that meant always getting nicer shoes have just evaporated in front of me. A girl just cannot find a shoe in the Vincy stores that she likes and is in her size and frustration,dejection and vexation are currently her best friends.

Right now,am having fond memories of Red Hills Mall and the 4 pairs of shoes I bought in a flash. I think a trip to Jamaica is defintely on the cards since the shoe gods are definitely working against me in Vincy. Failing that,does anybody know how to lengthen feet by at least one more size?

Yes dawta, when yu come a Yaad, mi hav a bredrin whu can sell yuh some potion.Him sell a oil wey dem call, "oil a stretch mi long", it will definitely increase yuh feet a couple shoe size.RESPECT!!
lengthening nuh worries gal
buy a size bigger and put some toilet paper in the shoe heel. see how simple that was? i not even going to charge you for the advice then
Buh I like shoes with straps..woe is me
LOL @ esteban
"Oil a stretch me long" rofl...
Yes a trip to Ja is a very good idea! I always though women wanted smaller feet, not the other way around!
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