Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I was at a funeral and smack in the middle of the eulogy a cell phone rang. Not only did it ring but the ring tone was Movado's "gangsta for life". To her credit it was quickly and sheepishly turned off but I got to wonder why it was even on. The thing is cell phones are no longer a novelty as every Tom,Dick and Harry sports one or two as the case may be. With the popular usage one would think that some phone manners would have been learnt but sadly it is not the case. I have heard ministers ask persons to turn off their phones,seen people answering their phones in church at the theatre etc.

As to the ring tones that is a whole nother story. I have been in some public(govt) offices and heard several phones ringing simultaneously with gangsta rap,and some other explicit stuff.I figure the time has come for employers to give some guidelines re usage since some users seem unwilling to tailor their ring tones to suit the environment. Maybe phones should just be put on vibrate while at work and church etc if persons feel they must be accessible 24/7.

yea people go a little crazy with the phones. i say we lived without them before why cant we do without them now. must we always be that connected?
what amazes me with the phones, is that people go to get the latest in cell phone technology and then don't know how to use them. I've seen so many people who don't know how to put their phones on vibrate or silent.
Excellent point Jdid, but I think that a considerable number of people are more than connected, it seems as if thy are tethered like an animal would be to a chain or rope.
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