Monday, May 05, 2008


Just a few notes

I don't have any nude Keisha Knight Pulliam(aka Rudy of the Cosby Show) pictures on my site. You can stop looking now

What's up Jamaica,18 murders on the weekend? Stop it,JA

Two persons shot today in Vincy..Am relieved no deaths..but put down the guns nah

Different is not deficient.Different is just Different..Jeremiah Wright gets it

How sick does one have to be to make their flesh and blood a sex slave? I say make the same cellar Mr Fritzl's jail

Where in the world is Miss Melody?

R Kelly's "I wish" always makes me teary

All Flavor Flav junkies need to read Cali-J's recap

Exams suck..Thankfully,they will soon be over

As if one is not idle enough Facebook has introduced chat

Watch this space for an announcement

An announcement??? Oooh, what is it?!
18 in a weekend. thats crazy
Nude who pictures? I really hope its of when she's older. I know the feeling. I've got many weird Google hits too. I agree. The killings must stop.
Facebook will take over the world!!
Yes,indeed,the culture of violence has consumed certain communities within Jamaican society, that the arithmetic of death on given weekends is totally mind boggling,and overwhelming,that one wonders with bewilderment and perplexity if the sanity of the society can ever be restored from this orgy of nihilism and wanton destruction.
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