Thursday, May 01, 2008


Food crisis?

Our Prime Minister has said there is no food crisis on our shores and that may be so. However, there is no denying that cost of living has increased sharply which means that shopping is becoming quite an art. Everytime you go to a supermarket there is amazement at the bill in relation to the few items on the counter.

Suddenly, my friends who used to be so amazed that I don't go to the hairdresser to have my hair washed are realising they can do it themselves. Yes, rising prices and shrinking disposable incomes are slowly forcing us to re-evaluate the way we do things. LIAT has already ensured that the weekend trips to Barbados, St Lucia etc have been drastically reduced.

We have also agreed in principle to cut down the canned foods we buy. Right now,local juices made from whatever we have planted are the new JU-C( a soda for my non Vincy friends).Generally, we have no choice but to conserve resources especially when you see the electricity bill escalating. Don't ask me to turn off the PC though:). Anyway, I am finally realising what it meant when the elders said a time will come when one will have money and not be able to buy.

Same thing is happening here in the states. Cost of living is going up at a pretty fast clip. The scary thing is that this may just be the beginning.

It might be a good time to start investing in GGCG stock (Gold, Guns and Canned Goods)
Prices on a lot of essential things are increasing in Canada now as well. Crazy times...
Please don't turn off the pc, we would miss your wonderful blogs
Thanks iriegal,appreciate the encouragement:)
The Prime Minister's comments regarding Vincy not experiencing a food crisis with respect to increased and inflated food prices is rather interesting if not ludicrous and irresponsible.I find this somhewhat odd and extremely strange,especially,in light of globalization and its negative consequences on many Third World economies.A caveat!Be careful of what politicians are saying/uttering,in most instances,it is all garbage.Start to place emphasis on developing an intensive backyard garden to defray the astronomical cost of certain items,such as, vegetables,fruits and produce, which would normally be procured or obtained at a supermarket.Also,start raising a couple chickens in your backyard.In doing so,and being somewhat sel-reliant,you may not have to turn off your computer,because I look forward to your daily posts.RESPECT!!
The PM's probably saying that because he doesn't want to cause a panic. LOL about your friend and washing her hair herself. And Chris, replace one of the Gs with R (rice).
what goes around comes around. its called recession i guess. leff off the frills and stick to the essentials
We are all feeling the crunch. Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart and was not surprised to see the increase in shoppers doing their grocery shopping hter. It's cheaper than the neighborhood supermarket. Let's not talk gas prices. the metro is looking quite viable these days.
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