Thursday, May 08, 2008


And now

Gas price will now be upwards of 14 ECD or little over 5 USD. Lawd have mercy! Looks as if it will be cheaper to take the bus or get those walking boots. If only I weren't so lazy but maybe necessity will make me the busiest person in Vincyland. Seriously though, I find times are changing a little too fast for me. It seems as if I am getting nostalgic for so many things and am not even that old. Oh well,what's a girl to do?

dat is for laughing at my transit stories :-)
I think people are going to need to start getting weekly raises to adjust salaries to match the inflation rates. This is just nuts.
I think I need to go get a bicycle!!
Old news Abeni. Gas prices increase like every other week.
Bicycles,scooters,car pooling,public transportation, walking,more internet use, are possible options to driving alone in your air conditioned vehicle.By the way,it will only get worse.Be afraid!Be very afraid! We may/will have to give up more of the creature comforts and modern accoutrements that we have become accustomed to, and start to embrace a more Spartan and parsimonious lifestyle, whether we like it or not.In essence, it is the ravages of globalization.In other words, prepare to bang yu belly.RESPECT!!
yeah Leon,but 14 dollars is in scary territory for me. internet use..right now I need to cut down:)
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