Sunday, February 28, 2010


Things brown

Boy, things real brown in St Vincent and the Grenadines and I'm not talking about the economic or political scenes. My once lush, green beautiful mountain sides are beginning to look as if they would be at home in the Sahara desert. Right now I not so comfortable with drinking tap water as the water pressure is so low that I feel I'm drinking the reservoir dregs. Uggggghhhh! And is so the place hot-a kinda heat that makes you want to haul off every piece of clothes and stand up in front the fridge. Since everybody knows Haiti is being punished for its voodoo then we must be getting punished for voting against the referendum. I mean something must explain why rain suddenly hates us,right?

Despite all the warnings we are getting from CWSA there are idiots starting bush fires and annoying the hell outta me when I see fire trucks racing to quell them. So you can imagine how happy I was when I woke up this morning and saw some big fat rain clouds lurking about. Little did I know they had a strange sense of humour cos all now not one drop of rain fall on the earth. So I am figuring it's time to learn some rain dances because things beginning to look very grim and desperate times call for desperate measures.

So while I'm learning the steps to the rain dance I hope Rain is getting homesick and is packing her bags(as I type) to head home to SVG. We promise not to whine when we think you showed up at an inconvenient time and wet we new hairdo.You've made your point so come home now.

Hey Kami... long time no chat.... i have heard every complaining about the heat down dey.... sarry yuh hear.. but is just the way it is.... best thing to do is just tek off cloths and go in the sea... :-).. stay cool... have fun in the sun....
You think we could mek a little trade off where you send some the cold from there and I send some the heat?

That sound fair to me:)
sounds like a plan... i'll send my package fedex... over night
doan worry when the rains come allya gine be hoping fa sun
You are not alone my Vincy princess, Jam dry too. We get short bursts of rain, nothing to really mention. Seems I need to join you and learn the rain dance.
lol... rain dance away!! Same here tho... low water pressure, insufferable heat... I not complainin tho... cause when it rains, it DOES pour!
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