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Justice served

"I have no other recourse than to fine each of the defendants guilty of assaulting Jemark Jackson" Those were the words of Senior Magistrate Donald Browne as he ruled on the fate of the three police officers who were charged with assaulting Jackson on November 18th 2008 at the Criminal Investigations Department. (excerpt from the Searchlight newspaper of Feb 5 2010).

I couldn't be happier that these police officers were found guilty of the heinous assault on the then 15 year old Jackson. An assault that landed the youngster in the ICU for seven days in a comatose state. Not surprisingly the officers claimed innocence suggesting instead that the youngster had fallen down the stairs. Despite all the publicity around this case I never expected the officers to be found guilty simply because it has become commonplace to hear about police excesses but then it goes back to business as usual. I have no doubt that some officers feel they are above the law a feeling borne out by the disrespect shown to the Director of Public Prosecutions. So for me this is a landmark ruling that should serve to remind all officers that they are not above the law and that they are duty bound to respect the rights of all citizens.

Some people have suggested that rather than the $1500 fine charged they should be jailed. In a different world and if the charge was attempted murder they probably would have been. According to the Commissioner of Police the officers have intentions of appealing which I hope they lose so that they could get their marching orders.As far as I am concerned they have proven they are not fit to serve and citizens need to be protected from them.

Abeni,I recently discovered your blog and I am an instant fan..keep writing.

On this issue you write the way, well said... I do hope this is a trend that will "take off" in Vincyland; the prosecution of rogue police officers, its about time. It is my believe these officers should be fired having been found guilty; but at least this is a start in the right direction.

The police is an integral part of the society and they must be respected and commended for their bravery and noble service, but when these officers betray the trust of the people; where do the people turn to in their time of distress?

There is no doubt that the MAJORITY OF POLICE OFFICERS IN ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES ARE HONEST, HARDWORKING, PRINCIPLED INDIVIDUALS; but there is definitely a bunch of bad apples within the force and the Prime Minister as the head of Security in Vincyland, should take serious steps in weeding out these bad apples...His first step should be the removal OF THE CURRENT POLICE COMMISSIONER...He is an incompetent political stooge.

Look forward to reading your next blog.

Thanks much for your comment and keep reading :)

I would like to think also that the majority are principled but the bad ones cannot be allowed to flourish at all. I think there was too long a delay in dealing with them as well and the COP's reasoning re Vincy Pac and all that was weak.
Who guards the guardians? Who will police the police?

This is landmark case indeed, but heavier fines on the guilty three would have sent an even stronger message to would be abusers.
i agree with empath (and with you)...

but i think this is a baby step that will, hopefully, result in the police taking a reflective step back... and perhaps regaining the public trust... we'll wait and see...
well happy they were found guilty but is $1500 really justice for leaving a kid comatose
Police should be punished when they use excessive force! They are to serve and protect not to brutalize and cause harm.
Yes Jdid, the fine is small too small even. However,I prefer to focus on the point that they were held accountable. I am guessing that the lawyer for the victim can file for compensation. If so I expect some bigger payouts.
It is always sad to hear that police officers who are to protect our childrens are the very ones brutilizing them. $1500.00 is not merely enough but at least it's a start.
My prayer for that young man.
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