Thursday, February 12, 2009


Open Letter to my Heart.

For the first time in almost 6 years you are going to be alone on Valentine's Day. I know you are not really a Valentine person but some things tug at you more than others. How does that make you feel? I can't hear you, can you speak up a little louder please?

You thought you would be sad but you aren't. You see heart, you knew exactly when it all went wrong. You knew when the lies began but you reasoned that somehow it was your fault. Of course you knew it wasn't but you thought somehow you could fix it or die trying. So while your friends cursed, pleaded and cajoled you to treat your beautiful self better you just got angry. How dare them tell you what was best for you? Thing is you knew all along they were right but the stubbornness in you refused to admit. So you shed the tears they never saw and wished that things could go back to the way they used to be.

And you got angry with yourself for becoming someone you were having a hard time recognising. Remember all the times you shut your friends out because the truth was annoying or the focus was on him? Remember all the trips you missed, the hanging out, the long convos about everything and nothing? I know you do, but it's okay because your friends still love you anyway. Now you are leaping for joy because by letting go you have found yourself again.

Suddenly,this alone thing is not too bad at all. The road ahead looks chock full of adventures that you actually want to discover. I am smiling again, the real smile that makes my entire face come alive, the one that comes directly from you. You know, the one that makes the whole world smile with me.

And guess what heart? I am so incredibly proud of you for continuing to fiercely beat through it all. Heart, we are going to be okay!


wanna be my valentine? we can send each other stick sweeties with corny little messages on them...
I remember those days in High school sending myself sweets... always signed Secret Admirer
nice, you've survived and come through stronger
Dear People of Earth,

There is nothing special about a day between you and a loved one if you have to be told by corporations that it is a day to celebrate.

A person from Mars.
This single thing is not bad at all... no, it's really and truly not!

This post was like ice-cream, the flavour called Sappy Delight... I loved it! Very inspirational :)

LOl @ Lioness

Chris,that's all you got to say to your third favorite girl?lol

Ruthie,the aim was not for sappy:) always
good for you! i'm proud of you too. happy v-day!
A great, inspirational post. I guess the thing to learn is to value yourself more than you value being in a relationship, so that next time any effries start up you just put de offender on the highway and cleave to yourself, and your friends...
Refreshing. I really enjoyed the honesty of it.

The "alone stage" is good for reflection. Great things happen when you set on an adventure to find and love yourself.... the serendipty could be great happiness with a worthy person
Great post. A lot of us get burned, that's just life, the good thing is when you can get up and move on, knowing you have become stronger.
@ anon..Ihat's how I am at times-brutally honest. You know it has cost me many acquaintances-(friends remain friends) but that is life. Looking fwd to great happiness:)

Stunner,that's the truth. Some pretend life is all golden but that's really not the case.We all have our demons.
After reading your open letter, I'm pretty sure you and your heart are going to be OK!
All the best from Peru.
MB,that's the truth. Sometimes fear keeps us rooted,things already too familiar and the desire to hold on to a dream.Cleaving to myself and friends=much sense:)
Dear Dumbass who hurt Abeni's heart,
Good riddance sucker! You didn't deserve her anyway.
I gotta teach you how to let them go once they start acting up!
Gotta love those friends!
That's right ma girl YY!

@Yamfoot. I got the greatest less than handful of friends,I really do. Teach me girl:)
This is lovely and got me all choked up. I adore being single. Especially during daylight hours... ;)
lol,maria..especially during daylight
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