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I think it’s safe to say, that most of us here in Dominica have had enough of this steady diet of American politics – it’s like everywhere I turn, someone or something is blasting information about the US Presidential Election. In fact, I know more about Obama and McCain than my local parliamentary representative and have certainly heard more from them than him.

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Like most of us I have been fed a steady diet of American politics. I can rattle off so many things about Hillary, Obama, Mccain and Palin. In fact, I know more about them than my local representative and have certainly heard more from them than him

My take

Looking on, I saw several mothers crying for their sons and I felt some sympathy for them. As I stand there, I could help noticing the absence of these children fathers –which suggests the minimal role these fathers’ play in the life of these children if any. I can’t help wondering about the level of discipline taught in these homes and if warning signs were brush aside because the parent/s could not recognize or simply cast a blinded eye – then we’re truly ‘reaping what we sow’ and it’s quite frightening


I saw several mothers crying for their sons and I felt some sympathy for them. Noticeably absent were the fathers which suggests their roles if any is minimal. I wondered about the discipline taught in these homes and if warning signs were ignored because the parent/s could not recognise them or simply looked the other way.

We are truly reaping the whirlwind and it is quite disheartening

My take

Readers, please decide. While it can be denied and it most likely will be, reasonable people should be able to tell, even you Mr Peeking,Stealing Chris.

I wonder if it means I am famous.

Addendum Chris has apologised via email

Wow, all that is left for you to do now is post the dates and times posted so we can ridicule him some more.

He at least needs to switch up the style a bit...that is too blatant!
What you saying, Chris stealing your material. For shame! I wonder what you can do to stop this...
wow... there's not even an attempt to mask any of your words - some of them are blatantly ripped...

this is unacceptable... have you contacted the guy yet??? this totally erodes this man's credibility...
by the way, how did you find out about this?
Will,I left a comment on his blog. Let's see what he says.

Cali,I am hiring yyou as legal rep.

MB,if it looks like a duck,walks like a talk then is a duck,not so?
Will,from reading Global Voices. I tend to check there to see what posts they pick up daily,read them and then go to my reg blogs.
I admit it! I admit it! I stole my whole Daily Dose of Ingersoll idea from here!

Oh, it's a different Chris? Hrmph, you just can't trust these Chris's.
Oh.I forgot to put a disclaimer. no peeps,it's not my darling Chris from Boston:)
OMG! I am embarrassed for him. How does he feel with his hand caught in the cookie jar? He might say like Shaggy,"Wasn't me!"

I heard someone on the BBC say "Imitation is always second rate." I guess this makes you first rate!

Let us know how he responds to your comments.
dont think of it as plagarism think of it as you're that inspirational

actually I feel your pain. actually a draft of something i wrote (not online)got plagarized awhile ago and the person didnt even admit it. i wasnt even sure it was plagarism at first but the draft had certain mistakes i changed in the final submission and the person's work had the same exact mistakes too. lol man was i pissed
The man is an F***ing thief! Plain and simple!
i wondering with you if that means you're famous??

it certainly was a real big shame tho.

and apology or no... he shoulda never done that!
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