Monday, August 11, 2008


Reaping the whirlwind

Today, I paid a visit to the Serious Offences Court and felt sick to my stomach at the number of youths facing charges. One after the other,they stood up to be remanded for murder,given bail for drugs,wounding and gun possession. As we say in St Vincent,some of these young men still have their mother's features and are already guilty of some heinous crimes.

It appears we have too many angry youths out there who seem to know only one way of resolving conflicts. Even worse, was the presence of several middle aged men answering to charges. So, while we cry down the youths the older ones are busy giving them a wonderful example to follow.

I saw several mothers crying for their sons and I felt some sympathy for them. Noticeably absent were the fathers which suggests their roles if any is minimal. I wondered about the discipline taught in these homes and if warning signs were ignored because the parent/s could not recognise them or simply looked the other way.

We are truly reaping the whirlwind and it is quite disheartening.

or improbably maybe the fathers missing cause the fathers just say i teach you better than that now you doing foolisness i cant or wont support you.

i know that would be my stance

society will have its misfits and hooligans but somehow i think we are not doing whats right by these young men. the parenting, the mentoring, the teaching, the life skills,the skills for employment. maybe we arent giving them what they need to succeed. maybe its partially our fault
Parentin' class -- not certain how exactly that would be most efficiently implemented, but it woulda help man, woman, an' definitely child.
My heart bleeds for the young folks of my beloved country. Folks like to blame American tv culture, rap music et al instead of young girls who become mothers too soon, absentee fathers, no social programs in place to help families in crisis, lack of social programs to help at risk youth to stay in school, a scarcity of jobs, the glamour of thug life. I read the papers each week and I cringe. Is pan against crime really the answer?
you inspire me. You have led me to finally start a blog of my own
No, Pan against crime by itself is not the answer. It is an outlet but much more needs to be done to tackle the problem.
'beni, you have just summarised a plague that is spreading worldwide...young bwoys lock up, and come out even more hardened and bitter, to rob an pillage again. What to do, what to do...they need more focused outreach programs, to salve the wart before it spreads. And, a mother can bawl, but you also have to admit to the flaws of your child, and dont cast all the blame on society. Sigh...tragic.
Tis sad stuff, because the mums that are there, have demonstrated for right or wrong that they can't handle the kid, and the courts with all their good intentions make it worse....
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