Thursday, September 18, 2008


Careful Ralphie

Ralphie boy, be careful the big bad US bomb we little St Vincent. We friends with Chavez who done gone and throw out the US ambassador outta Venezuela. To mek matters worse we sweet wit them Castros over in Cuba. Never mind that Cuba give we nuff scholarships, help we blind people to see again and wukking hard to give we the international airport. The US say dem is bad people and if dey say so then is so it go.

I notice we sweeting up wid Libya too although that probly not so bad because ah tink the US doh hate them so much nowadays. But,how yuh expect to be friending up with Iran even though the US say them real bad wid dem nuclear things they mekking. Like you doing a Sarah Palin on we and playing yuh ignorant of the Bush doctrine? Next ting you hear dem say we training terrorist in the Soufriere hills and bam preemptive strike in we tail.

But yuh kno ah proud of yuh still. Ent America is friend wid China and we know dem human rights record not so hot. Not becos we small and unimportant mean we must let big people bully we. After all we is independent

Yes mam. Quite right. What is Independence if not freedom to choose for yourself, irrespective of pressures/intimidation tactics from the big bad bullies?
And unimportant is a very relative term... SVG very important to we... and prolly Cuba, Venezuela, Libya and soon-to-be Iraq ;)
That was funny....

we Canadian's Still LOVE St. Vincent. And I suppose we are friends with the big bad American's so Ill put in a good word.
ralphie gotta big up he chest ya kno. i see he get off the rape charges
US is like a big bad bully! Either their way of you get pressured and blacklisted. As an independent and a third world country we need all the help we can get, no matter who gives us a helping hand.
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