Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Things that does get me vex

I am not a radio person so you won't catch me calling in on mornings to say what does get me vex. However, I can do the next best thing and write some of them here

1. When them big hardback men feel its their duty to introduce their daughters to sex. Fiyah bun allyuh!

2. Some parts of Vincyland resemble Gaza. Redemption Sharpes,you in the news too often. Put down the guns!

3. Those minibus drivers who make Lewis Hamilton look like a boy

4. When I stand up in a line for 20 mins and then some person comes in and gives the person in front of me some transactions to do.

5. When people say - girl,your weave looks good or worse run their hand in my head looking for tracks.

6. When you ask the minibus driver to turn down the volume and he pretends you didnt say a thing.

7. When the movie reach the good part and Bam current gone

8. When I turn on the computer and the internet connection decides it is on vacation

9. When you doing a group project and memebrs can't be found when it's crunch time

10. When the phone rings at an ungodly hour and the person on the other ends says wrong number

11. That I here blogging and watching cricket when I have work to do

I can definitely relate to 8 and 9... annoying as hell.
I can relate to many of those myself. Totally agree with #1. Fiyah!
#12 finding an interesting blog which also has an annoying video and song that plays as a default and you can't turn it off because there are no controls.
chupse! stop pretending you aint wearing donkey hair. you aint fooling nun a we ya kno :-)
Chris,am soooo thrilled that you are being annoyed:)

Note to self: Don't change the song
Sigh, I should have tried reverse psychology.

Kami, I love hearing a helicopter landing on the roof every time I visit your blog :)
LOL Girl, they should know better than to mess with a black woman's hair. LOL.
Love them all...I thought only Bajans had to deal wid the mini bus/van noise issues.
I hate standing in lines, feels like a total waste of time and nuttin nuh bun mi like when some idiot wake me out of a sweet dream bout wrong number.
No. 1 is a biggie! No. 2 as well!
I need an explanation about #1.....
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