Sunday, November 11, 2007


Tarina rules

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Congratulations to Dominica's Tarina Simon on being crowned the Digicel Rising Star, 2007. Tough luck Antigua for being the runners up once again but Tarina was simply the best. Maybe, the third time would be the charm but I suspect the other islands would have something to say about that. For sure Dominica would love to repeat(which I think they can) while the Vincies would be keen to get back to their winning ways. I enjoyed Kyron Baptiste and Peter Ram's performance of "Woman by my Side" towards the end of the show. As an aside am still confused as to why Kyron didn't see it appropriate to perform his single "love at first wine". However, the rendition was really spirited with the two finalists dancing along on stage with them. Then there was Tarina singing, what else but "Simply the best" after she was announced as the winner. I will miss my regular Sunday night dose of Rising stars but before I blink Season 4 will be right at my door.

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She's cute wid that lil Pearnel Charles patch, except his hair-square was silverish & hers is gold.
Congratulations to a lovely young lady!!
You called it! If my memory serves me right you picked her a few posts back.

Congrats Tarina
Yup,called it so am quite pleased:)
Congrat's Tarina! Ms Versatile! I await your original you have shown how well you can handle other works.

Good luck with more hard work ahead and God's speed Empress Tarina!
Congrats girl... ur simply the best for love peace and unity u bring to d country..girl ur blest and may god bless u u tawos bye
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