Saturday, June 10, 2006


World Cup Fever

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAs everybody knows the FIFA Football World Cup kicked off yesterday in Germany.I used to be a big football fan but lately my interest has waned.Nevertheless,am still aware of who's who in the football world even though I don't follow them as fanatically as I once did.So,the big day dawns and I,of course am looking forward to the opening game.I switch the channel to 9(local broadcasting) and nothing.Ok,no need to panic let's just try another channel.Espn has tennis and ESPN2 is not part of regular cable package.What's a girl supposed to do? All is not lost yet,there is channel 68 which covers everything ranging from Intl cricket to beach volleyball.Surely,they must be carrying WC football.

Bingo!Game on,never mind the commentary is not in English it's all good.Then midway through the first half coverage suddenly disappears.The Gods of television programming are waging war against me and winning.So the bald facts are if I(and any other Vincy in this predicament) want to see WC football I got to purchase the box and the sports programme package from the local cable company.And herein lies the dilemna seeing that I have on a point of "principle" never intended to buy any more of the additional programming.But as I type,I can feel my resolve waning.Damn you,SVG TV!

BTW,Go Argentina. Update,ABC currently showing Eng and Paraguay so I may yet not have to succumb.

Just got a new Argentina jersey for this tournament... Looks sweet... They have a chance and are my pick!!
Go England for me. An own goal is not enough for me but it's a win none the less.
Don't know how you local channels are like that, because it was all over our local channels. Brazil all the way!
As for me, I thought game 3 of the NHL finals was last night, so I was looking on each and every channel for it, but all I could find was soccer (or football, hehe, too many names for the same sport). I'm definitely a Brazil fan!
I am a Brazil / Argentina fan, but having said that, I always like the underdog teams that do well... Ivory Coast looking good, bwoy! I hope they move from strength to strength. See my thoughts on the World Cup matches do far by clicking here...
Argentina?? Brazillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
Brazil, Argentina, Italy! But yes, I love the 'underdog' teams as well.

Respec to the Soca Warriors to have got a draw in their first match!
The local TV station here in Jamaica has exclusive rights to show the world cup, so I have a constant feed.

i got to watch the T&T match and was quite happy although thew drew the match, Go T&T!
Well since I live in Socca terrority, we have feed alll day long. Our cable network has 3 stations dedicated to FIFA matches. Not much gettin done around here until after the finals.

TnT got my support until they get booted out and then it´s the African countries.
I'm impressed by you once again. Such a versatile woman, my Abeni is.

All I know about football is that some of those guys look SO good in the uniforms. LOL
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