Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Break-Ins and Murder

It's been so long that I couldn't even remember my password but the password gods smiled at me and granted me entry. 

Happy New Year to any remaining reader who stumbles on to this.

Two months ago a burglar attempted to enter my home. Thanks to the foresight of  my neighbour a potentially ugly situation was averted. Since then life has not been the same. Sure, I've heard the stories, read the reports about attacks on single women living alone but when it literally hits home the stories become all too real.

Against your will you are confronted by truths that you would rather not entertain. Your vulnerability as a female is held up to the light and cruelly exposes how easily the facades of life in a "nice" neighbourhood and security measures are easily shattered. New Year's day I woke to the horrifying news that that  Sandra Brown a 46 yr old mentally challenged woman was raped and her house set on fire. One account that I read said her body was burnt beyond recognition.

I feel for the Sandras of this world whose vulnerability as  women is further compounded by mental illness. Instead of enjoying the protection of the state/citizens she was repeatedly sexually assaulted and finally killed at the hands of her assailants. The story is even more horrific because it speaks volumes of the way we as a society treat the most vulnerable amongst us.  We ought to hang our collective heads in shame.

Every night I go to bed my sleep is patchy. My womanhood weighs on me reminding me that  like Sandra I am fair game for any attacker who chooses to disrespect my right as a human being. My mind is sound and villagers do not see me as toy to be played with and discarded. In the end though, Sandra and I are united by the common thread of our femaleness and it scares me. Being a woman should not be this hard

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