Thursday, March 07, 2013


Happy Women's Day

The UN's theme for International Women's Day 2013 is "A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women. It goes without saying that it's a sentiment I  fully endorse. Much has been said and written and  it's indeed time for action to support the talk.

That being said I take the opportunity to salute all the women who refuse to be placed in a societal box that tells them what they can or cannot do, the women who quietly do the work that often goes unnoticed, the  single women who are both mother and father to their offspring, the superwomen who juggle careers and families, the ones who shatter the glass ceilings. Yes, with all the discussions about  "a woman's place" we know that our place is any and every place where we do what we can to make a better society.

I thank God for all the wonderful women  in my life. The ones who continue to nurture, support,  and love me even in my darkest moments. You  have all made life so much more tolerable. Happy Women's Day to all my sisters. Love  yourselves, respect yourselves and continue to rise

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