Monday, December 17, 2012


RIP Innocents

There's an African saying that goes "when an old person dies, a library is lost".  This is in reference to their years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Consequently, when a child dies the future dies. Gone is the promise of what that child could have been had life not been interrupted. In a story that is becoming all too familiar in America yet another gunman  opened fire on the defenseless. Maybe it is time for the lawmakers to take a long and hard look at the gun laws.

Much has been said and written about the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 children and 6 adults died. As a teacher of similar aged children the tragedy left an even hollower feeling in my stomach. That could have been my school, my classroom, my children had some sicko been evil enough to execute same. Teaching used to be a safe profession but events at home and abroad are making it seem very dangerous. My heart goes out to the parents who drop their children off in the morning and hope to hear their stories at the end of the day. Instead on that fateful day parents had the grisly task of identifying their children's remains. If that is not heartbreaking then I don't know what is!

At the risk of sounding terribly cliched life is too short to spend it holding grudges. Spare a thought for the broken hearted parents for whom this Christmas season will be filled with grief as they see their children's empty rooms and miss the wonder in their eyes on Christmas morning. Hug your children a little longer today, tell them you love them, mend a broken fence because in a flash it can all be taken away. RIP precious ones.

There are three things, Americans-that being those on the lunatic-right, are most passionate about:

GOD-My god is better than your god.

GAYS-ALL homosexuals must die.


These are the folks that have this country in a fucked up state of mind.Good luck in getting them to think otherwise.Maybe another 20 more kids need to be slaughtered to bring them to their senses.Trust me, this tragedy is nine days talk, don't be fooled by the media and Obama ole talk...NOTHING FUNDAMENTALLY WILL CHANGE IN RESPECT TO GUN LAWS. The second Amendment needs to be repealed or amended to reflect the times we live in. Only then will we see some meaningful changes within the gun culture of the US...anything else, and we just spinning top in mud.

To say I feel heart broken or some sense of sorrow, will just be a flat out lie...maybe I am too far removed from this tragedy or simply the frequency of such tragedies has desensitize me to such an extent, that all me eye-water gone. I am just pissed off that Obama does not have a Putin-bone in his body to really use his Presidency to grab this country by the scruff of its neck and drag it into the realm of sanity.

Abeni, question, do schools in Vincyland have safety drills? Never once in my school days in Vincyland, had the respective schools I attended, did any sort of safety drills. What happens if a gunman comes to a school in Vincyland? Not that I wish such tragedy on my people, but I am not putting anything pass something so terrible to happen in Vincyland. I say this in the light of what took place before, i.e, in my estimation, the most callous and despicable act ever to be carried out in SVG...the public decapitation of a young female in little Tokyo.Any sense of innocence I had for my country, dissipated that woeful day.

So I am just wondering, what if...

Totally agree with Saadiss comments up top.
Every year in the USA, some one has a bad day or some has some petty grievance with a work colleague- what do the do...Fetch their fire arms and shoot the place up....recently quite worryingly, the shooters seem to target school and colleges....Yeah expect a few more gun massacre's in the US in 2013. Nothing will change sadly...just glad I dont live there or have kids in school over there.
And just like you both said more shootings have happened. @Saadis, I've been in classrooms where there was knife play and it was very traumatic. I hope it never happens but it is not too far fetched to think some gunman will try something similar here.

At GHS we had a fire drill once as far as I can remember but none in primary schools
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