Friday, August 24, 2012


The Rape debate..again

I am beginning to sound like a stuck record but persons making foolish comments about rape never fail to irritate me. WHEN OH WHEN will it be openly realised and accepted that RAPE IS ROBBERY with violence? That it is an ASSAULT on another human being for purely personal reasons.

HOW MANY persons, male and female, -but predominantly female today- have had their lives tainted by such lustful attacks! reliving their trauma every waking moment!. Looking at, and loving, or inwardly rejecting her child because of how he/she came into the world !  Any idea Rep Akin? When will it be accepted that when a woman says 'NO,' SHE MEANS NO!

BEFORE MAKING UTTERANCES, words need to be weighed, because of the sentiments that they convey:  It does not make for good listening when a leading politician makes a statement which purports such treatment against women need not result in pregnancy because of a woman's defences!  True, there are elements that the female body rejects; that 'ANY' 'BODY' rejects, but to use this in the context of rape is to say the least, reprehensible.  In all fairness, there has been some retraction, but these ill advised statements continue to heap massive damage to the cause of women and it will take some time before it is repaired!

I am sure there are babies who were aborted because they were the product of rape. On the flip side there are instances of babies born of rape, either because abortion was not available, or because the mother believed that all life is sacred. Clearly, the choice is hers and  should be respected by the foolish law makers-mostly men who seek to make decisions about a woman's body..

Abeni, please allow me to put this particular issue in context, so that your readers get a better picture of who you are dealing with and why this particular individual made such asinine comment. I suspect you may have some knowledge on the issue...nevertheless indulge me.

Firstly, this is no accident or slip of the tongue...this is a rigid and steadfast ideological view point. A viewpoint that is the platform of the FAR-RIGHT REPUBLICANS.This is a position that the Republicans in the US House of Congress pass as a POLICY! These folks have policy papers in which they want to redefine RAPE...this guy, Akin, along with the NOMINATED VP Paul Ryan co-sponsor such a bill.

Secondly,the notion that there was some retraction is somewhat misleading...there was no earnest retraction from this fool...he stated that he use poor choice of words, but the underlining sentiment WAS NEVER RETRACTED...and trust me he is not one bit "sorry". This is a moral conviction of this guy, in that a woman can't get pregnant by "illegitimate rape"...and rape victims are not allow the option of abortion; he wholeheartedly believes this crap.

Abeni, it makes for good listening to the far-right republicans that have hijacked the Reagan Republican party. The only reason why the Republicans are upset with this fool, is because they figure they will lose the senate seat and thus the Senate majority come 2014...they are not really upset for what he actually said. As far as the Republicans are concerned, Akin, spoke truth to power; but should have been a bit more circumspect in his choice of instead of telling you, your mother is a---, he should have said your mother is a Lady of the

Let me leave you with a quote by the guy who basically is the brain trust behind this idea of a woman can't get pregnant by "illegitimate rape"...

"This is a traumatic thing — she’s, shall we say, she’s uptight. She is frightened, tight, and so on. And sperm, if deposited in her vagina, are less likely to be able to fertilize. The tubes are spastic.”

Lord have mercy! Saadiss that final sentence is scary.

The man is a damn fool and look how they trying to give him an out..Rubbish!
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